Face, Nails And Hair: What Beauty Routine For Fall?

Each season has its own weather characteristics, such as the sun or the cold, which can attack the skin and hair. It is therefore advisable to adapt your skin care rituals and cosmetic products to each time of the year. If you want to go back to school with a fresh complexion and the best hair, find out what beauty routine to adopt in autumn for the face, body, nails and hair.

Beauty routine for the face

As we explained in a previous article, the beginning of the school year is a delicate period for the skin with a risk of acne rebound following exposure to the sun's UV rays during the vacations...

In order for your epidermis to naturally regain its balance, it is best to opt for very gentle and natural skincare in your fall beauty routine for the face. Avoid fruit acid peels and harsh cleansing gels.

In particular, you can replace your peeling ritual with a steam bath. Place your face over a bowl of warm water topped with a few drops of lavender and/or thyme essential oil, for example. Let the steam purify your complexion for a few minutes, then finish with a spray of fresh floral water to tighten pores.

In fact, you can use an organic floral water instead of your usual facial cleanser, which you choose according to your skin type:
- Roman chamomile floral water for sensitive skin
- rose floral water for mature, normal to combination skin
- lavender floral water for oily or acne-prone skin.

Floral waters allow you to gently cleanse your face without soap. Complete with moisturizing care to soothe your skin that has been dried out and sensitized by the summer sun:
- a moisturizing cream in the morning
- an anti-wrinkle cream adapted to your age in the evening
- a few drops of serum or vegetable oil in your evening cream if you wish
- a hydrating and plumping mask once a week.

Beauty routine for the body

Since your skin as a whole is assaulted by the sun and swimming during the vacations, you can actually apply the same gentle and moisturizing principles to your fall beauty routine for the body.

At the end of summer, it's best to use a cleansing oil or superfatted soap instead of a simple (and overly harsh) shower gel.

You should also make sure to hydrate your body every day with a moisturizing milk or balm. This daily beauty routine helps to maintain your tan and avoid 'crocodile skin'.

Also remember to make an appointment with your dermatologist at the end of the summer for a checkup, especially if you have acne, moles or very fair skin.

Beauty routine for hair

Because seawater, chlorinated water and the sun damage hair, it is important to avoid aggressive products and gestures on the hair at the beginning of the year (perm, highlights, bleaching, straightener).

If your ends are too dry and split or if your hair lacks vitality, start by making an appointment at the hairdresser for a good cut that will allow you to face the autumn months serenely.

The fall beauty routine for hair should be simple and restorative. To avoid irritating your scalp that's already stressed from the back-to-school season, limit yourself to 2 or 3 shampoos per week maximum. Also apply a nourishing mask once a week.

If you notice a significant hair loss, you can make a cure of food supplements. Be aware, however, that the course of treatment must last 3 months to be effective.

You can also privilege certain foods to have beautiful hair such as wheat germ, brewer's yeast, mushrooms, oily fish and eggs.

If dandruff appears, ask your dermatologist for advice as he or she may prescribe disinfectant shampoo for oily dandruff and soothing lotion for itching (seborrheic dermatitis).

Beauty routine for nails

If your nails seem weakened at the end of the summer, you should know that there are food supplements for hair and nails.

To limit breakage, consider adopting the following good habits in your fall beauty routine for nails:
- wear them shorter than usual
- moisturize them with a good moisturizer at the same time as your hands
- massage your nails with a special cuticle oil
- apply hardener between two coats of nail polish to strengthen them.

If you're not afraid to keep your nails natural, you can even do a nail polish detox!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Yan Krukov on Pexels
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