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The nutmeg tree: the tree that gives the nutmeg

tree The muscadier is a tree in the Myristicaceae family. Its botanical name is Myristica fragrans. This aromatic evergreen tree is grown for its fruit yielding nutmeg. It can reach a dozen meters in height. It has smooth leaves of a beautiful shiny green and produces small, fragrant yellow f ...


Ecology: plastic packaging will gradually disappear from the fruit and vegetable section

solescence - fighting against waste and for solidarity-based reuse - better informing consumers The ban on plastic overpackaging of fresh fruit and vegetables that we are going to present to you in more detail is of course part of the first axis, the one aiming to end single-use plastic ...


Almond and red fruit clafoutis: a light recipe

Ingredients Here are the ingredients to make an almond red fruit clafoutis for 4 people: 450 g red fruits, fresh or frozen 50 g brown sugar 3 eggs 40 g flour 20 cl almond cream 15 cl almond milk 10 g margarine (plus a knob of margarine for the mould) 1 sachet of vanilla sugar Preparat ...


The almond tart with red fruits : a greedy recipe

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make a red fruit almond tart for 6 people: 450 g of frozen red fruits a roll of shortcrust pastry 100 g almond powder 100 g sugar a pinch of cinnamon 2 eggs 8 cl of vegetable almond cream To note: the almond cream used to garnish amandine t ...


The vanilla tree, the plant that produces vanilla

What is vanilla? The vanilla bean used in cooking is the fruit of the vanilla orchid or vanilla tree. Before it can be used as a spice, this fruit, similar to a large green bean, undergoes several treatments: it is scalded, steamed, dried in the sun and then stored in crates protected from air a ...


The Carob tree: the tree with small horns

s an Arabic term {{what|al-kharroube (ahkhabou)). Its Latin name, Ceratonia comes from the Greek Keratia meaning "little horn" after the shape of its fruits, carobs. A reference to the carob tree can be found in the Bible: Carobs (sometimes translated carobs or pods) are mentioned in the Gospel acco ...


Health: 10 tips to regain energy

k an orange juice every morning In theory, it's a good idea to drink freshly squeezed orange juice every morning to boost your energy levels, as this fruit is rich in vitamin C. With an average of 150mg of vitamin C per 2 fruits, your morning juice should suffice your daily needs. Note, howeve ...


Roasted apricot tart: a gourmet recipe

of orange blossom extract Preparation of the roasted apricots As its name suggests, the roasted apricot tart is special in that it is filled with fruit that has been previously baked in the oven. 1- Preheat your oven to 180°C. 2- Pit the apricots. 3- Place them on a baking sheet, bulgi ...


Garden: 5 good reasons to put flowers in your garden

the edges of your vegetables will improve the overall look of your garden with their beautiful colors. But the point of pairing flowers with your fruits and vegetables is not just aesthetic, as we will explain below. 2- They attract pollinators The second good reason to put flowers in your g ...


Tourism: 5 good reasons to go to Taiwan

is post on Instagram A post shared by Yoshiki Colin Tomoda (@tomodachi_yoshi) on 13 Jan. 2019 at 4:01 PST You can stock up on fresh fruit, bubble tea (tea with milk and tapioca pearls) and excellent local dishes (noodle soups, Chinese ravioli etc). You'll have understood: Taiwan ...


15 foods to relieve stress

er study from the University of Otago in New Zealand found that students tended to feel calmer, happier and more energetic on days when they ate more fruit and vegetables. It can be hard to tell which positive thoughts or healthy eating came first, but the researchers found that healthy eating seeme ...


Getaria in the Spanish Basque Country: 5 must-sees

e you can have a fresh grilled fish dish (the restaurants all offer the catch of the day) and taste the local wine called Getariako Txakoli. This young, fruity white wine is characterized by a straw-colored color, fruit aromas and a slight presence of bubbles. Note: if you want to learn more a ...


Nutrition: how to make a complete salad?

picing up your sauces with fresh garlic, onions, shallots and mustard. To bring a sweet and original touch to your salads, you can also incorporate fruit, especially if you like sweet and sour dishes. Depending on the season, you can add diced mango, pineapple or Granny Smith apple, grapes or ...


Health: 5 misconceptions about vitamin C

lls - it participates in the synthesis of collagen - it has several antioxidant, anti-anemic and antihistaminic properties. 4- Eating 2 fruits is enough to cover your daily needs In France, the recommended intake for adults is 110 mg of vitamin C per day and a little more for pregnant ...


The rustic pear and hazelnut tart: an easy recipe

to below. Copyright: Audrey Vautherot 5- Then arrange the pear halves on the pastry, leaving a border of about 1 to 2 cm and sprinkle the fruit with a small pinch of salt. 6- To finish assembling the tart, fold the edges of the pastry over the pears. Copyright : Audrey Vauthero ...