Freckles And Makeup: 5 Beauty Tips

Once considered a curse, freckles have become the big makeup trend of the moment. But do you know how to apply makeup when you have red skin or how to get freckles with makeup? Here are 5 beauty tips to know to follow this fashion.

1- Don't hide them anymore!

For years, freckles also known as ephelides were considered an oddity and were a source of complexes for many women...

But that was before the success of the series HPI and its heroine Audrey Fleurot with flaming hair and redhead skin.Even when she wears sophisticated makeup, this French actress still lets her freckles show through.

If you want to follow her lead and ride this beauty trend, no more camouflaging your spots under foundation! Use products with lighter coverage like a BB cream or CC cream.

2- Moisturize and protect your skin

If you have redheaded skin, you're in luck because you can follow this fashion without having to resort to tricks, such as tattoos or drawing fake freckles.

But it also means that you have a fragile skin, fair or very fair, usually dry and sensitive and very exposed to the risk of sunburn ... That's why you have to take great care of it and maintain it even more than people with another phototype.

You should also remember to apply an SPF50 sunscreen every time you go outdoors to avoid an intensification of the color of your ephelides and a premature aging of your skin.

3- Enhance your natural beauty

Unless your freckles are a major turn-off and you prefer to hide them under a high-coverage foundation, you can sublimate your skin type with a nude complexion.

Go light on the makeup for your complexion by using a BB cream and a very light loose powder. Reserve the more covering concealer for the eye area and imperfections.

To make your ephelides stand out, add the finishing touch to your complexion with an apricot or coral colored blush.

4- Match your eyes to your hair color

Another makeup tip when you have freckles is to match your eye makeup to your hair color.

If you have a beautiful red mane, you can just like Audrey Fleurot highlight your eyes with a line of liner and a dark green smoky eye. The actress often wears an emerald smoky.

On the other hand, if you have brown hair and freckles like Lucy Liu or Meghan Markle, you should make up your eyes discreetly to better draw attention to your freckles.

Go for beige or gold eyeshadow and a little mascara during the day. On this base, you will only need to add a line of eye liner to bring a touch of glamour to your makeup in the evening.

By the way, you should know that light makeup on the lips also helps to bring out the ephelides. Simply choose a nude lipstick shade or apply a touch of pink or apricot lip gloss to the center of your upper and lower lip.

5- Draw yourself freckles

If nature didn't endow you with freckles, you should know that there are now commercially available pencils to draw fake pigment spots on yourself, like the Freckle Pencil from Top Shop.

It's very easy to use as you just draw small, very light dots and blend them out with a foundation sponge. You can also run a large powder brush over the resulting spots for a more natural result.

If you're a die-hard ephemeralist and are tired of drawing them on your face every morning, you should know that it's possible to use semi-permanent makeup to display those little spots in a more lasting way.

But beware: think twice before getting this tattoo because you'll keep it for about a year!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels
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