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Chinese New Year: date and traditions

from the threshold inwards so as not to drive luck and wealth out of the house. The main celebrations of the Chinese New Year include a New Year's Eve where dishes with lucky names are served, followed by a night of vigilance, which some people spend playing mahjong, as well as the distribution o ...


The Rose Route: a romantic getaway in the Loiret

oy a swim in the Combreux valley pond and visit Bellegarde, the city of the rose. A well-deserved nickname since more than 3 million rosebushes are produced there every year! Old and new roses André Eve The next stop on the rose route is Chilleurs-aux-Bois. This is where you can admire the Andr ...


Festive meals: 5 tips for setting beautiful plates

1- Bring a nice set of dishes When it comes to dressing beautiful plates, every detail matters, starting with your choice of dishes! It may seem obvious, but for a holiday meal the way you set the table is paramount. To highlight the dishes you are going to serve, plan a beautiful tableware, ...


The Rio Carnival: the great samba party

ival is undoubtedly the best known and most important carnival in Brazil, ahead of those in São Paulo, Recife and Salvador de Bahia. This colorful event attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to marvel and have fun to the sound of the samba. Carnival is not only the most popular f ...


Cheese: 5 golden rules for composing a cheese board

1- Propose an odd number of cheeses Christmas or New Year's Eve is the time to get out your best board or slate to serve your guests a nice assortment of cheeses. But, whatever the medium chosen, the first rule to know when composing a cheese board is to place an odd number of cheeses on it. ...


Pretox cure: 5 tips to detox before the holidays

skip a few meals between Christmas and New Year's Day, think again! An overly restrictive diet or periods of fasting between two hearty New Year's Eves would instead push your body to store and could result in a few extra pounds on the scale. That's why the first golden rule for following a cu ...


New Year's Eve: how to choose your foie gras?

The first category is subdivided into three types of products: - whole foie gras refers to a preparation consisting of a whole foie gras or several lobes of foie gras and a seasoning. - the foie gras without further specification is a preparation composed of agglomerated pieces of lobe ...