Chédigny: A Garden Village In Indre-et-loire.

An intoxicating scent of roses floats in Chédigny, Indre-et-Loire. This small town, located near Tours between Loches and Bléré, has gained a great reputation for the flowering of its streets. In 2013, it even became the first village in France to win the national label "Remarkable Garden". A unique but fully deserved distinction!

A village transformed into a garden.

Chédigny would be just a small town in the southern department of Indre-et-Loire if its mayor, Pierre Louault, had not had a stroke of genius about twenty years ago.

To make his village more friendly and attractive, this lover of old roses came up with the idea of planting climbing roses there. With the help of the rose grower André Eve and the collaboration of the inhabitants, the town was gradually transformed.

The sidewalks and their cobblestones gave way to roses, but also to boxwoods, yews, and thousands of perennial plants. Today, all the streets of this small village are blooming and there are more roses than inhabitants!

Plants line the roads, cling to facades and windows, and embellish every corner of the town, much to the delight of walkers.

"A label representing a first in France."

To reward the impressive work carried out by the municipality and its inhabitants, Chédigny has been part of the Parks and Gardens College of the Centre region since 2012, just like... Chenonceau!

In 2013, the municipality also obtained the label "Remarkable Garden"! This distinction is a first in France for an entire village. But this is not surprising since the entire village is a garden where each season brings its share of flowers, decorative foliage and fragrances...

There are about 800 roses, 280 different species and of course 4 flowers in the competition for the most beautiful cities and villages... This exuberant vegetation brings joy to the inhabitants but also to visitors who can freely explore this garden-village without gates, doors or entrance fees.

Artists and Festivals.

Village adorned with flowers, Chédigny is also a lively town where several artists (photographers, painters or ceramists) have set up their studios.

Every year, these artists participate in the Rose Festival which takes place at the end of May, for almost twenty years.

This highly popular event is organized by the Roses de Chédigny association (see the website: It is a large market for rose bushes and plants, accompanied by musical and artistic strolls.

Since 2013, the village has also organized, on the first weekend of August, the festival De bouche et d'oreille, which combines entertainment and traditional dishes cooked by chefs around a "peasant meal". Whether you are fond of flowers or gastronomy, this Touraine village promises to make you see life in pink!

What to do in Chédigny?

If the above description has made you want to visit this unique garden village, know that the floral beautification of the town is not its only tourist attraction. In this exceptional botanical setting, you can also:

• Discover the historical heritage of Chédigny, its 12th century church, its 17th century presbytery, and even a surprising community hall with the help of a passionate tour guide.

• Visit the Priest's Garden of Chédigny, where perennial and annual plants flourish alongside ancient vegetables and medicinal plants. Come take a stroll under the fruit trees and climbing roses of the plant-filled nave and explore the themed paths: the cross garden with blood-red roses, the apothecary garden with fresh herbs, the promenade flowerbeds with natural topiaries, and the Virgin's enclosure adorned with pear trees, apple trees, roses, and clematis.

• Discover the work of local artisans in an exhibition space called The Pressoir, located not far from the village's traditional washhouse, or in their workshops whose doors are wide open to curious visitors.

• Take a gourmet break amidst the flowers: the restaurant Le Clos aux Roses, nestled in the heart of the village, offers passing visitors cuisine that combines sobriety and refinement. Chef Armelle Krause, who has worked alongside some of the top names in French gastronomy, concocts fresh and flavorful dishes where Touraine products take center stage.

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In French: Chédigny : un village jardin en Indre-et-Loire
En español: Chédigny: un pueblo jardín en Indre-et-Loire.
In italiano: Chédigny: un villaggio giardino in Indre-et-Loire.
Auf Deutsch: Chédigny: ein Garten-Dorf in Indre-et-Loire.
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