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Garden : how to divide a perennial plant ?

What are the advantages of the division? Division is an interesting method of plant propagation to know about, especially for perennials that grow back from the base every year. Despite their perennial nature, perennials are not forever. Over the years, they bloom less and less and eventually wi ...


The Persian shield: a plant with purple foliage

A perennial that does not come from Persia Despite its name, Persian Shield or Strobilanthes dyerianus is not native to Persia but to Burma. It is therefore a chilly plant that is grown as an annual or that must be brought in from the cold as soon as the thermometer drops below 12°C. If you ...


The chocolate drop: a plant that smells like chocolate

A flower that deserves to be known The chocolate drop or Berlandiera lyrata is a perennial plant native to North and Central America. The plant itself is not unusual as it forms a rather compact bush with spindly stems and gray-green leaves. On the other hand, its summer flowering is remarkab ...


The dierama or angel's fishing rod: a plant full of poetry.

"This is a plant from the Iridaceae family." The dierama is a bulbous perennial plant belonging to the same family as irises. Although it belongs to the large Iridaceae family, which includes irises, crocuses, and gladioli, it stands out from these bulbs because of its graceful appearance, which gi ...


Growing cabbage: what are the different varieties?

like a turnip and comes in several white or Purple varieties 7- kale or green cabbage, nowadays very fashionable under the name of kale 8- the perennial Daubenton's cabbage which is also currently in vogue, but was once used as a fodder plant to feed livestock. Easy to grow leafy vegetabl ...


Aurone: the most effective plant against mosquitoes

An anti-mosquito plant to discover Less well known than lemongrass or scented geranium, Aurone or lemon sage is a perennial aromatic plant in the Asteraceae family. Its botanical name is Artemisia abrotanum. This species is native to southern Europe and the Middle East and forms a small shrub 50 ...


Poet's carnation: sowing, cultivation and maintenance

flowers to stimulate flowering. If you live in an area with mild winters, such as a Mediterranean or oceanic climate, this plant can be grown as a perennial. To keep it alive for several years, it is recommended to cut the stems back by a third at the beginning of winter and mulch the plant at ...


Garden: growing kiwai in 5 questions

dia arguta vine, a plant in the Actinidiaceae family (the same family as the kiwi). It is a climbing plant that can grow up to 8 m in length. This perennial plant native of Japan, China and Korea carries deciduous leaves of oval shape and dark green color. The leaves are 10 to 12 cm long and have ...