The Buenos Aires Verbena: 5 Good Reasons To Adopt It In The Garden.

Buenos Aires verbena, also known as Patagonian verbena, is a perennial plant with delicate lilac-colored flowers. Floriferous and resistant, this species has multiple advantages. We have listed 5 good reasons to adopt it in your garden.

Its growth is very fast.

The Buenos Aires verbena or Verbena bonariensis is a good option if you are looking for a fast-growing flowering plant to brighten up a sunny area of your garden. This beautiful perennial grows at an impressive speed, going from seed to flowers in just a few weeks.

This characteristic is the first of the 5 good reasons to adopt it in your garden, especially if you want to cover a barren land or create a flowery meadow around your house.

In its natural state, it grows in the prairies of South America and, in its region of origin, it is considered an invasive plant as it tends to colonize large areas. Its violet flowering, which lasts from June to September, is unmatched in transforming a barren land into a carpet of flowers reminiscent of a lavender field!

2- She attracts pollinators.

Buenos Aires verbena is also a very nectar-producing plant, which is the second of the 5 good reasons to adopt it in your garden.

When in bloom, this plant from the Verbenaceae family attracts butterflies and pollinating insects, thus promoting biodiversity in your garden.

It simply needs full sun exposure to bloom abundantly throughout the summer and attract all these beneficial insects.

3- She adapts to all terrains.

The third of the 5 good reasons to adopt Buenos Aires verbena in your garden is its ability to adapt to all types of soil.

This perennial plant is not very demanding when it comes to soil pH. It can tolerate acidic, neutral, or alkaline soils, as long as they are well-drained.

It prefers light soils, even poor and dry ones. If your soil is heavy or clayey, you just need to add a few shovelfuls of sand and compost during planting.

This plant is sensitive to stagnant moisture in winter. However, when the soil is well-drained and mulched, it can withstand a few frosts.

4- She is resistant and easy to maintain.

The Buenos Aires verbena has the advantage of being disease-resistant and able to withstand difficult weather conditions such as strong winds.

Therefore, it is possible to cultivate it in a pot on a windy balcony or in open ground in a windy corner of your garden. This resistance is another good reason to adopt it, especially if your terrace or garden is exposed to the wind.

This perennial plant is easy to maintain as it only requires:
• regular watering without saturating the soil
• fertilizing once a month in spring and summer during its growing period
• trimming faded flowers to stimulate the appearance of new flowers and extend its flowering period.

This plant does not live long, but under good growing conditions, it self-seeds. You can also divide the clumps in spring to replant this Patagonian verbena in another area.

5- Its blooming is very aesthetic.

The airy and colorful blooming of this perennial is the last of the 5 good reasons to adopt it in your garden. With its rigid stems standing towards the sun, the Buenos Aires verbena forms flowered clumps of nearly 2m in height.

Its lilac-colored blooming, very light and airy, is ideal for bringing a cloudy aspect to your flower beds. It also has the advantage of contrasting with other colorful blooms in yellow, white or orange.

Don't hesitate to plant it in your flower beds or in a rock garden, a wildflower meadow or a large pot! You can enjoy this spectacle from late spring to autumn.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: PictureThis
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