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Garden: 5 things you need to know about farmers' seeds

1- They are produced by the farmers themselves Unlike seeds produced by the seed industry, farmers' seeds are the seeds traditionally produced by farmers and gardeners, for their own needs or for their relatives. While seed creation has long been left to the multinational seed industry, such as ...


Quinoa with winter vegetables: a tasty and easy recipe

y, it makes this side dish much more flavorful, fragrant and colorful... in short, much more appetizing to anyone who is reluctant to try this little seed! 1- Peel and slice the shallot. 2- Peel and wash the carrot, then grate it with a large-hole grater. 3- Measure the quinoa and rinse it ...


Sliced turkey with mustard seeds: an easy recipe

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make a Turkey Sliced with Mustard Seeds for 4 people: 4 turkey fillets 20 cl of whole cream (or vegetable) 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon of mustard seeds 15 g butter (or vegetable margarine) salt Preparation This Mustard Seed T ...


The Seychelles: a heavenly destination

this destination is not only characterized by its incredible beauty. It is also a preserved space for endemic species as unique as the world's largest seed (the famous Coco de mer), the jellyfish tree, or the Seychelles Song Magpie and Seychelles Warbler (which are among the rarest birds in the wor ...


Avocado toast with salmon: an easy recipe

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make avocado toast for 4 people: 4 slices of country or seed bread fresh cheese such as Philadelphia or Saint-Morêt 2 ripe avocados 4 slices smoked salmon fresh or dried dill 1 organic lemon Preparation 1- Lightly toast the bread slices in ...


The pear and honey cake: a gourmet recipe

0 100 g flour T65 half a sachet of yeast 50 g of sugar 3 eggs 10 cl of milk 3 tablespoons of olive oil Preparation of the pears 1- Peel and seed the pears. Cut the pears into large cubes. 2- Melt the butter in a pan, add the diced pears and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes. 3- Add ...


Tips for Successful Salads

with it will not be the same. When it comes to choices, the basic possibilities can seem endless: salad, rice, pasta, wheat, beans, potato, couscous seed and even less common ingredients like dandelions or quinoa. If anything goes and only your creativity will be the limit in creating your salad ...


Fruit quinoa: a fresh dessert

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make fruit quinoa for 4 people: 200 g cooked and cooled quinoa 2 white peaches 250 g strawberries 4 vanilla dessert creams a small bunch of mint Preparation This fruit quinoa recipe is perfect for using up leftover cold quinoa. If you don ...


White lupine: a decorative and edible plant

n. You can also sow this lupine between the rows of your crops, for example in the middle of wheat, vines or olive trees. How to consume lupin seeds? The white lupine, which belongs to the same botanical family as the bean and the pea, is cultivated in many parts of the world for its edible s ...


Leisure: 5 nature activities to share with children

e advantage of a passing bee to introduce children to the importance of these pollinating insects for our food. If you have a garden, you can also seed flowers and plants to attract butterflies and be able to observe them more easily (see our article on the subject opposite). 5- Making 100% n ...


Les Potagers de Julie : Julie Andrieu goes from the kitchen to the garden

ps two recipes. Finally, a chef from the region joins Julie and her hosts to deliver his personal vision of the product featured in the show, from seed to plate! An animated magazine with the complicity of Lola Périer In Les Potagers de Julie, Julie Andrieu is accompanied by the market garde ...