The Seychelles: A Heavenly Destination

The Seychelles, which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, is a small paradise for lovers of swimming, diving and pure relaxation. We suggest you discover the beauties of this archipelago scattered in the Indian Ocean.


The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 granite and coral islands, scattered in the Indian Ocean off the African continent.

Several granite islands such as Mahé, Praslin or La Digue form the heart of the archipelago. The capital of the Republic of Seychelles (Victoria) is actually located on the island of Mahé.

Other islands such as Aldabra, the largest of the islands of the archipelago, are of coral type.
If each of these islands has its particular charm, all of them will offer you idyllic beaches, whose untouched beauty is famous all over the world.

A preserved paradise

Seychelles' beautiful beaches, their ancient granite boulders, pristine fine sand, and turquoise waters are regularly used as settings for film and advertising shoots.

But this destination is not only characterized by its incredible beauty. It is also a preserved Space for endemic species as unique as the world's largest seed (the famous Coco de mer), the jellyfish tree, or the Seychelles Song Magpie and Seychelles Warbler (which are among the rarest birds in the world).

Today, almost 50% of this territory is protected in nature reserves so that one can observe an exceptional fauna of fish, turtles and birds.

Classified sites

Seychelles has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their exceptional character:
- the Vallée de Mai located on the island of Praslin where the famous Coco de mer grows
- the atoll of Aldabra, which is the largest emerged atoll in the world.

Aldabra, which was discovered by Arab sailors in the 9th century, consists of four large coral islands that enclose a shallow lagoon. The atoll has become a refuge for some 152,000 giant land tortoises!

The Seychelles in practice

The common language is Creole, but English and French are spoken by much of Seychelles' highly mixed population.
While the official currency is the Seychellois rupee, it is possible to pay in Euro and dollars.

The archipelago enjoys a warm, tropical Climate throughout the year, but certain periods are particularly good for scuba diving: in April and October, the crystal-clear waters offer visibility of over 30 meters.

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