New Year's Eve: 5 Good Reasons To Look Good For The Holidays

For Christmas and New Year's Eve, more than for any other occasion, a festive outfit is a must. For all those who are reluctant to make an effort to dress up, we have listed 5 good reasons to look good for the holidays.

1- To mark the event

Traditionally, we dress up to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve, but contrary to what you might think, this expression is not tied to the date of December 31!

Linguists believe that it is rather a distortion of the word trentain, which referred to a very refined fabric in the Middle Ages. Once the etymology of the phrase is clarified, the fact remains that elegant, festive attire is a New Year's Eve must-have.

The first of the 5 good reasons to look good for the holidays is to mark a special date by wearing an outfit that is out of the ordinary. We do it first of all for ourselves, to get in the mood of a special day.

We do this on many other occasions, during joyful events like weddings or sad ones like funerals where we dress in black to express mourning.

2- To show your best side

Since New Year's Eve is usually a party where you meet up with family and/or friends, it's inconceivable to go dressed down. On this day, we make a festive look for ourselves but also for others.

The second of the 5 good reasons to look good for the holidays is to look your best.

Even if a New Year's Eve party is not a contest of elegance where you must necessarily compete to be the most beautiful person of the evening, being well dressed is a way to participate in the festive atmosphere and to honor the people who receive you.

3- To respect Christmas traditions

During the holiday season, there are many opportunities to dress up. But have you noticed that party outfits are usually not the same for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve?

While on New Year's Eve all eccentricities are allowed, on December 24 the dress code is rather dictated by the style of your family. The Christmas party being above all a family reunion, one generally chooses one's New Year's Eve outfit to mark the belonging to a clan.

So one of the 5 good reasons to look good for the holidays is to respect family Christmas traditions. This can mean going all out or, on the contrary, wearing a Christmas sweater and going for a humorous look!

4- To start the year in style

December 31, which is celebrated with friends, offers greater freedom in the choice of festive attire.

On this special night when one year ends and another begins, wearing new clothes specially chosen for the occasion is a way to express a desire for renewal.

One of the 5 good reasons to look good for the holidays is to start the year off right and, one might say, under the best of auspices...

The first of the good resolutions to make is to pull out all the stops and be the best version of yourself so that the year starts off well. It is believed that 'starting the year well' brings luck for the months to come.

5- To give meaning to the party

When families are divided or when consumption prevails over the sense of sharing, it can feel like Christmas and New Year's Day lose their magic...

If you, too, sometimes feel this disenchantment as the holidays approach, try creating your own rituals. Choosing a particular outfit for New Year's Eve on December 24 and 31 can be a way to express what these holidays mean to you.

The last of the 5 good reasons to look good for the holidays is to give meaning to this celebration by adopting a dress code that fits your own conception of Christmas or New Year's.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Hermes Rivera on Unsplash
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