Maison Durable : The Online Store For A Zero Waste Decoration

If one of your good decorating resolutions for this year is to go zero waste, you have probably noticed that it is not easy to get rid of plastic and overpackaging. However, some specialized online stores can help you in your approach, including the e-shop Maison Durable.

What is it about?

Sustainable Home is an online store dedicated to zero waste home and decor.

This website was created by Fabienne Durat in order to accompany customers 'towards an eco-responsible and zero waste daily life but gently, taking into account the constraints of each and pleasing themselves with aesthetic and quality objects'.

The motto of this online store is moreover 'beautiful, good and sustainable', a formula that summarizes well the philosophy of this brand.

What are the commitments of this store?

The Maison Durable e-shop stands out from the many e-commerce sites dedicated to decoration and home by its commitments to waste reduction.

This online store indeed offers a selection of plastic-free, zero waste and made in France objects.

Its founder created it in order to promote zero waste and to highlight objects made in an artisanal way, by hand and in France.

What can we find there?

The Maison Durable online store is organized into 7 sections:
- Offering
- Shopping
- Preserving food
- Taking care of yourself
- Maintaining the house
- Vegetable gardening
- Baby and children

The first section offers reusable gift bags and boxes, gift vouchers to be used on the site, but also discovery kits and gift boxes.

The Shopping section logically gathers cotton shopping bags, tote bags, bread bags and bulk bags. So many small containers essential for all those who want to go zero waste and buy their groceries in bulk!

In the third section, you will find all the accessories to preserve your food including Bee wraps, dish charlottes and glass containers that allow you to avoid plastic and food film.

The Take care of yourself section is dedicated to the zero waste bathroom with solid cosmetics, brushes of all kinds of washable and reusable wipes.

The home care section follows the same logic with solid soaps for dishes, washable paper towels, tawashi sponges and dish or vegetable brushes.

The vegetable garden section offers different kits to plant organic herbs, vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and radishes for the Aperitif or to start a zero waste vegetable garden on your balcony.

Finally, the baby and children section offers washable wipes, meal sets, snack boxes and even a teething ring made of natural wood.

What are the strengths of this store?

This online store dedicated to the zero waste house has the advantage of delivering in France but also in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Its founder Fabienne Durat plans to extend the geographical coverage of her store to other European countries.

A second advantage of this website is that it offers a blog designed to make customers aware of the issue of waste, the reduction of packaging and plastic.

This blog is a wealth of practical advice for all those who are committed to this approach and wish to adopt more eco-responsible habits on a daily basis, with minimal effort and constraints.

To conclude, we can underline the coherence of this online store since the Maison Durable website offers objects :
- with a timeless elegance
- that contain neither plastic nor synthetic fibers (they are products made of natural recyclable materials)
- which are mainly made in France and distributed in short circuit
- which are packed in minimalist and eco-responsible packaging.

To go even further in its zero waste approach, this online store is looking for reusable alternatives to its shipping packaging.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Maison Durable
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