Telecommuting: 3 Tips For Working In Optimal Conditions

Telecommuting, which was recently generalized to address the Covid-19 pandemic, frees employees from having to travel to work and/or perform their tasks in a noisy open space. Even with the lifting of health obligations, one third of French employees will still be teleworking regularly in 2022. For all these nomadic employees, here are 3 tips to work in optimal conditions.

1- Prefer a tidy workspace

While in the digital age the very definition of 'office' is becoming increasingly virtual, good Telecommuting starts in the real world and especially in the choice of the room where you set up your workstation.

So the first of our 3 tips for working optimally is to choose a clean and tidy room, away from high traffic areas but also away from clutter and mess...

Choose a space where you can work without being disturbed, interrupted or distracted by surrounding objects (for example: the pile of laundry waiting to be ironed).

Preferably set up a minimalist desk: in fact, the more objects you pile on or around your desk, the more likely they are to attract your attention and distract you from your task at hand.

While your workspace should be clean, airy and tidy, make sure you only keep what you need to work effectively within reach, such as your agenda, current files and pens. In Telecommuting as well as in-person, being neat and tidy helps you be more productive.

2- Tidy up your virtual office too

Since Telecommuting involves using digital tools, our second tip for working in optimal conditions is to store your virtual office.

To see your computer more clearly and be more efficient, consider things like:
- delete unnecessary icons on the desktop and in the taskbar
- regularly sort and delete your e-mails, creating categories if necessary to find them better
- name your folders and files in a logical, homogeneous and efficient way in order to find your documents easily
- update your work and communication software
- always save your work documents on an external hard drive and in a secure cloud that you can access from any computer
- regularly clean your PC by emptying the recycle garbage can and deleting temporary files.

3- Create your own rituals to feel at work

Anyone who has experienced telecommuting knows that one of the difficulties of working remotely is 'feeling like you're in the office' and staying focused on the task at hand when working from home.

When you set up your telecommuting office at home, it can be difficult to draw a clear line between work and personal life.

In particular, you may find it difficult to get to work in the morning, especially if family members are calling on you or family obligations are holding you up.

In this case, it's a good idea to set a clear schedule for when you start and end your day and create rituals for moving from your personal life to your work life (and back again).

Establish a small morning ritual as you turn on your computer: for example, you can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, close the room door to shut out the noise, and start looking at the files on the agenda or the schedule for your work day.

Also, plan an evening ritual to conclude your work day so that you can focus on your family life. Sometimes simply closing and putting away your files and turning off your computer can take your mind off work.

However, if you feel plagued by work-related thoughts after your day is over, try this tip: note each night before you leave your post things you need to do the next day. That way, you won't be afraid to forget them and you can move on.

To make these rituals work well, it's also recommended to always set up in the same place to telecommute. Choosing a single work location in the house helps to establish a routine that will make you more efficient and effective.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: VisionPics on Pixabay
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