The Christmas Tree Bag: A Practical And Supportive Idea

December 25th is fast approaching. In many families, it is soon the time to buy and decorate the Christmas tree... If you choose a natural tree, think of equipping yourself with a tree bag: this practical and ecological product will allow you to do a good deed during this Christmas period.

Practical, aesthetic and supportive

For many years now, the association Handicap International has been selling the fir bag during the holiday season.

This product, whose purchase is becoming a tradition, has only advantages. Practical, it nicely decorates the base of your tree and then allows you to throw the tree away without spilling needles on the ground. Gold in color, it harmonizes with your Christmas decorations.

But above all, this product allows you to make a small gesture in favor of this association which works for the benefit of disabled people.

For each bag sold at 5€, the sum of 1,50€ minimum is donated to Handicap International. In this way, you are helping the association to finance its actions in over 60 countries!

To note: in 2010, sales of the Fir Bag raised €700,000.

An ecological product

The Christmas tree bag proposed by Handicap International was already a smart and supportive object. Now, it is also an ecological product!

Made from non-GMO French grains, this bag is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It carries the 'OK compost' label and can be composted in only 4 to 8 weeks.
It is therefore accepted at the waste disposal center with green waste.

Did you know? : the Fir Bag is the result of a long chain of solidarity.
About twenty disabled people work on the packaging of this product in an ESAT

Where to buy the tree bag?

The tree bag is sold at recommended price of 5€ in all supermarkets, DIY stores, garden centers, florists and nurseries.

With its dimensions (2.25 m high for 1.40 m span), it fits all sizes of tree or almost.

This clever and solidarity-based product is also available in the online store of the association Handicap International (see link below).

Author: Audrey
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