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Decoration: 5 good resolutions to adopt at home

e winter sale to renew your wardrobe or home decor accessories, sorting allows you to list what you really need to avoid unnecessary spending. 2- Recycle or reuse After the big sort at the beginning of the year, your second good decorating resolution should be to recycle or reuse your old items. ...


Where can I find eco-friendly eyewear?

Recycled plastic waste Among the consumer brands, Optic 2000 offers a collection of frames made from marine plastic waste. If you choose Sea2see brand eyewear at Optic 2000, your purchase helps to recover the plastic waste that pollutes the oceans. The same approach also exists in other count ...


Telecommuting: 3 tips for working in optimal conditions

r work documents on an external hard drive and in a secure cloud that you can access from any computer - regularly clean your PC by emptying the recycle garbage can and deleting temporary files. 3- Create your own rituals to feel at work Anyone who has experienced telecommuting knows that o ...


Homemade parcel post: how to prepare a parcel properly?

x. It is highly recommended that the box be a classic shape so that the post office can transport and deliver it in the best condition. You can recycle the box from a package you received, as long as it is intact and clean. Remember to be sure to remove all stickers and barcodes from a previou ...


Businesses: 5 Major Reasons to Communicate with Video

a real mark on Internet users in a short time. Of course, creating quality video is more expensive than creating text, but there are many ways to "recycle" your images. In general, a maximum of different takes are made during the shooting. One can easily create complementary videos for social ...


Digital Sobriety: how to reduce the environmental impact of your devices?

ewsletters that you don't have time to read and limit attachments. - download videos rather than watch them in streaming. 5- Don't forget to recycle your appliances When your connected devices reach the end of their life, of course they should be recycled. As in other areas, recycling co ...