Organizing An Eco-friendly Christmas: Tips And Tricks

Reconciling the joy of the holidays with respect for the environment is not as complicated as you might think. To have a green Christmas, all you have to do is think sustainable, homemade and reusable. Here are a few tips to make 'magical holidays' rhyme with 'green'.

How to make an ecological Christmas decoration?

To organize a Green Christmas, avoid the artificial tree. Its manufacture and destruction consume a lot of energy and its lifespan (3 years on average) does not compensate for its ecological footprint.

Prefer a natural tree that you will throw away with the Green Waste so that it can be recycled, or that you will replant in your garden. Also consider renting a potted tree, a service offered for a few years by Treezmas!

For the decorations, the most ecological attitude consists in :
- reuse your Christmas decorations from previous years rather than buying new ones
- create decorations with your own hands with pine cones, felt or Salt Dough for example
- make an Advent calendar that can be reused from year to year rather than buying a disposable one every year
- avoid electric garlands that consume a lot of energy: prefer LED garlands and, for outdoors, solar energy garlands that recharge during the day and light up at nightfall

How to make ecological Christmas gifts?

An eco-friendly Christmas means gifts that respect the planet. For that, it is better to avoid gadgets 'made in China' and to favor :
- durable and if possible eco-labeled objects
- objects made locally
- the Homemade gifts: framed photo, cakes and Christmas tea made by you
- intangible gifts: show tickets, training courses, stays, vouchers for a treatment or a massage and other gift boxes
- toys made of natural materials and without batteries

Also remember to limit packaging, which is a big consumer of paper! Also be aware that glittery or metallic gift papers are not recyclable. Favor Recycled paper and reusable packaging (like a wicker basket or a pretty scarf).

How to make eco-friendly gift packages?

Even if we are very concerned about the environment, it is difficult to do without gift wrapping because it contributes to the magic of the holiday. They preserve the surprise and teach patience to children who often lack it.

Unfortunately, all those papers quickly torn, crumpled and thrown in the trash represent 20,000 tons of paper wasted for the holiday season alone.

To have a green Christmas and avoid this waste, the solution is to privilege more sustainable gift wrapping, such as:
- cardboard boxes that can be reused as storage boxes
- cloth bags
- tote bags that the lucky recipient can use as a shopping bag
- wicker baskets

If you have time and a little dexterity, you can also try your hand at the Japanese furoshiki technique. This is a fabric folding and knotting technique that allows you to make a durable gift package from a scarf. It allows you to make a 2 in 1 gift in short!

How to make an ecological Christmas meal?

To organize an eco-friendly Christmas, put seasonal fruits and vegetables on your Christmas Eve menu. Preferably choose locally produced foods: their ecological footprint will be smaller.

Avoid disposable plates, cups and napkins. This way you will reduce waste and set up a real Festive Table for your guests with a nice cloth tablecloth and pretty dishes.

After the party, don't forget to separate the waste and recycle the packaging. When it's time to take down the tree, carefully store the decorations so you can reuse them the following year.

Author: Audrey
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