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5 tips for organizing an eco-friendly picnic

the waste associated with your outdoor meal. 2- Choose fabric over paper A second tip for limiting picnic-related waste is to replace paper with cloth, especially for the tablecloth and napkins. The traditional cloth check tablecloth as well as old-fashioned cloth napkins are much more envir ...


Christmas DIY: how to make an advent calendar?

The very easy model we suggest you make consists of a decorated plywood board on which you will hang with the help of tacks or small nails 24 small cloth bags. You can then hang your creation on a hook or place it on a table, as long as you lean it against a wall. What is the necessary eq ...


Coryza in cats: symptoms and prevention

at a veterinary clinic using a nebulizer: The inhalation bowl is placed in front of the grid, away from the body, and covered completely with a damp cloth. Several medications are combined and placed in boiling water in the inhalation bowl. A combination of antibiotics, medications to decrease nasa ...


K-beauty or Korean beauty: the trend of the moment

sses of these last years come from Korea, for example: => the BB cream that cares for the skin and the complexion => the blurring agents (blur) => cloth masks soaked in water => cushions of small sponges soaked in foundation Products that have everything to please K-beauty has many arguments t ...


Christmas decoration: 5 things to know about the Nutcracker

also become sought-after collectibles for lovers of the Christmas season and its fairy-tale decorations. Some models are actually dressed in real cloth, silk or leather clothes, precious stones and accessories. Their details and handcrafted manufacture make them true works of art! ...


Eczema problem: 5 mistakes to avoid

orsen the dehydration of the epidermis and the risk of allergy. So, if you want to relieve itching with cold, consider wrapping the ice in a clean cloth and leave on the skin for up to 5 minutes. Another tip is to place a thermal water sprayer in the refrigerator and spray cool water on the sk ...


Why and how to dust off your computer?

be used for dusting? To eliminate dust inside a computer and not just on the surface, it is not enough to use a vacuum cleaner, duster or microfiber cloth. Even if using a vacuum cleaner seems like a good idea, don't use it because : - it generates static electricity that can damage compone ...


The batik fabric: definition, origin and technique

method is mainly used by artists or as a tourist attraction, during demonstrations for tourists. How to wash batik? If you decide to buy fabric, clothing or accessories made using this ancient technique, be aware that real batik is expensive and tricky to maintain. It should not be machine w ...