Which Garden Chest To Choose?

If you don't already have this very practical accessory in your garden or on your balcony, know that outdoor storage chests are particularly useful for protecting your tools or garden cushions from bad weather. We explain which garden chest to choose depending on the use you want to make of it.

A multifunctional garden furniture

Of course, a garden chest is an essential accessory for storing everything that is left outside. But not only that! Thanks to an increasingly varied and extensive offer, garden chests have become full-fledged garden or balcony furniture elements. There are many models available for all budgets, so it's important to choose the right one!

This chest can first of all be used to store your gardening tools and flower pots like a miniature garden shed. For families with children, it makes a perfect waterproof outdoor toy box.

It can also accommodate pool products and accessories and the filtration system if you choose a material that is resistant to water and install it near your pool.

But the interest of this chest does not stop there: although it is initially intended for outdoor storage, it can also provide you with multiple services. This versatile piece of furniture can indeed be transformed into a side coffee table, bench, or stool!

To choose the right model and size from an increasingly vast range of garden chests, you should consider the uses you want to make of it. Before going to the store or placing an online order, estimate the capacity you need well, as the price largely depends on the volume of the chest.

A wide selection of materials.

The second criterion to consider when choosing which garden storage box to buy is the material used.

Firstly, there are models made of resin, either simple (polypropylene) or woven to imitate rattan or wood, which blend in more easily with your outdoor decor while remaining perfectly waterproof.

The main advantages of resin over other materials are that it is weather-resistant, lightweight, and rot-proof. Unlike real rattan, it is easy to clean with soapy water (which is a big advantage if you want to store tools or bags of soil in your box). This plastic material also has the advantage of being easy to recycle.

If you prefer to buy a wooden box for aesthetic reasons, be sure to choose a rot-proof species such as eucalyptus, robinia, teak, or another exotic wood. However, note that to keep a beautiful appearance, your wooden garden box will need to be maintained and regularly sanded and varnished.

For wooden garden boxes, it is also important that the model is equipped with wheels to be well insulated from the ground and easier to move as wood is heavier than plastic!

Finally, note that there are metal storage boxes such as galvanized steel, zinc, or aluminum, which are practical for storing garden tools. But be careful not to install them in the sun as metal has the disadvantage of becoming very hot.

Various shaped models

If you are still wondering which garden chest to choose, here is a summary of the factors you should take into account when making your purchase:
• the material used
• the capacity of the chest
• the quality-price ratio
• the possible uses of this storage.

Regarding the last point, the shape of the storage chest will determine the uses you can make of it in your garden.

Rectangular chests, wider than they are tall, are practical for storing chair cushions and garden cushions, for example, as they offer good volume and allow you to retrieve your items without any problems, due to their shallow depth. They also make an ingenious 2-in-1 garden furniture as they can be used as a bench on a balcony or in a garden.

Small square chests can be interesting for having small partitioned storage spaces and extra stools in the garden. When you are not using them as stools, you can simply line them up like a long chest to save space.

Finally, round chests are less practical for storage as they offer a more limited volume. But their shape is aesthetic and they can serve as a side table.

In conclusion, you have plenty of choices for storing outdoor items and protecting them from bad weather. You no longer have any excuse for leaving garden tools or children's toys lying around the house!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Audrey Vautherot
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