Businesses: 5 Major Reasons To Communicate With Video

For a company, using video is now a must. The world consumes video, and more and more. At a time when Youtube is becoming the world's leading search engine, the company must adapt more than ever to present a close image, generate trust and commitment.

Global video consumption explodes

Youtube, the essential platform for sharing videos is above all a search engine. Internet users search as much on Youtube as on Google to get answers to their questions.
Tutorials, humor, creations, sports coaching, conferences, everything is on Youtube. The worldwide craze for video seems to have no limits.

On the side of networks, the same observation: TikTok based on short videos explodes with its billion users, Instagram has clearly announced that its current priority is video... Billions of videos are consumed on all social networks.

Companies, whatever their size, must be present in these media consumption habits. They have no other choice for an effective communication strategy.

Corporate video: A winning strategy that pays off quickly

Much more accessible and impactful than written information, video leaves a real mark on Internet users in a short time.

Of course, creating quality video is more expensive than creating text, but there are many ways to "recycle" your images.

In general, a maximum of different takes are made during the shooting. One can easily create complementary videos for social networks afterwards, already having the material, no need for additional travel. This means significant savings on later estimates where only the editing is charged.

The use is multi-support and multi-channel: website, email campaign, social networks, trade shows, physical stores. The same video can be used for many purposes.

A significant bonus: the same images edited differently create a wide variety of atmospheres and respond to the codes of each medium.

Respond to customer codes and create engagement

You can imagine anything in terms of universe, emotions or atmosphere in a corporate video, but this choice must be coherent with the image that the company has decided to give itself.
Humor, even if it's offbeat, fear, joy, seriousness, confidence or benevolence: all the emotions sought and aroused must be the result of a medium or long-term strategy.
Video marketing obeys the laws of all other communication media. We don't talk to "the housewife under 50" as we do to the teenager who loves video games.
Depending on the target, you choose the use of your video and its support: website, social network, trade shows. It will then be necessary to answer specific codes for each one. The video professional will be able to guide you in these codes and uses.
For a company that has chosen to create and animate a community on a social network, the support of short videos is also a considerable asset, often a guarantee of buzz.

Communicate internally and fuel motivation

The use of video is not reserved for its customers or prospects, it can be used internally by the company:

- Helping sales people by offering them a dynamic support
- Create a making-of behind-the-scenes of the corporate video for the employees, the laughter and the good mood are communicative
- Enhance its image with employees, build loyalty and help recruitment
- Valorize the employees themselves, bring pride and recognition

Many types of videos for different uses

The dynamic corporate film with a lively music is very popular, it will find its place perfectly on a website. Video advertising for use on social network "ads" is also a common medium
Companies are starting to embrace other promising ideas explains Victoria, corporate video director at :
-Customer satisfaction interview videos instead of text: They generate more trust in the testimonial.
-Tutorials or perspective made by the company with its products: reassure and participate in the act of purchase.
-Highlighting suppliers, to show the quality or ethics of the supply chain.
-The participation of employees as a typical day filmed will bring identification, human link and complicity with the Internet user.
Highlighting labelled or eco-responsible processes, current values that consumers validate and approve of.
The list and ideas are endless!

And the price in all this? To get an idea, count on a minimum of 900€ for a short and simple video for a local merchant or a customer review interview. You should generally expect to pay around 4000€ for a dynamic corporate video for a small business without complicated animations.
Prices can reach several tens of thousands of euros for large companies depending on the means used.
For social networks you can also use videos made by employees or consultants of the company, it costs almost nothing to produce and distribute!

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