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High School: Everything You Need to Know About the Mandatory Internship at the End of 10th Grade

year was established from the 2023-2024 school year and is scheduled to take place for the first time from June 17 to June 28, 2024. It is a two-week observation internship in a professional environment, which should allow high school students to discover the world of work. Each student can choose ...


The Night of the Stars: a weekend to observe the sky.

el France 2 and astronomy clubs. What are the activities of the Night of the Stars? The Night of the Stars invites you to various regions of France, at observation sites led by volunteer or professional astronomers. This event aims to introduce the general public to astronomy through various activi ...


The Platypus: the amazing boat that scans the Mediterranean

ention developed over the past ten years in Nantes is intended to be marketed to tourism professionals or environmental specialists for coastal bottom observation. A multifunctional boat Thanks to its singularity, the Platypus is just the thing to carry out different missions at sea and draw ...


Sherlock Holmes: biography and history of the character

character, whom he first brought to life in 1887 in the detective novel A Study in Red. A private detective with a remarkable memory and sense of observation, Sherlock Holmes, frequently accompanied by his friend Doctor Watson, is the main character in 4 novels and 56 short stories. Imaginary ...


Seattle: 5 Things to Do in the City and Its Surroundings

rthermore, as part of the ongoing redevelopment of the waterfront, the Ocean Pavilion will connect Pike Place Market to the waterfront promenade through observation bridges and publicly accessible stairs. A porthole will allow passersby to observe marine life. ...


Children: 5 rules for a good use of the tablet

therefore essential to choose applications that require active participation from the child and that appeal to their thinking, creativity or sense of observation. The activities offered should also match his abilities. 4- Get information on specialized sites Of course, it is not always easy for p ...


Businesses: 5 Major Reasons to Communicate with Video

, sports coaching, conferences, everything is on Youtube. The worldwide craze for video seems to have no limits. On the side of networks, the same observation: TikTok based on short videos explodes with its billion users, Instagram has clearly announced that its current priority is video... Billi ...


The Château de Boulogne-la-Grasse : 5 good reasons to visit this amazing place

inning of the First World War, the front moved to the Oise and the castle was requisitioned by the French army. It is then transformed into a parking and observation camp for the Poilus. In 1915, the French soldiers even received a visit from Marshal Joffre, President Poincaré and King Albert I ...


Fight against cancer: soon anti-cancer vaccines?

A change in strategy Conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy aim to destroy cancer cells. Despite their effectiveness, these therapies have burdensome side effects, which has led researchers to explore new strategies against the disease. In just a few years, the ...


Les Bureaux du Cœur: a solidarity initiative in companies

Empty premises 70% of the time Companies are not always aware of it, but their premises remain empty and unused most of the time. It is this observation that gave rise to the idea of using professional premises for the emergency reception of people in precarious situations. Pierre-Yves Loaëc, o ...


France 2 broadcasts "Vivant", an ode to biodiversity.

es with viewers, from the birth of their vocation to the daily practice of their passionate profession... This beautiful tribute to experts in nature observation could well inspire vocations! Did you know? According to experts' estimates, the biosphere, that is to say, all animal and plant species ...


The Fiesta de los Finaos: Halloween party in the Canary Islands.

a four-hour excursion aboard a haunted boat. This cruise, departing from Costa Adeje, combines a supernatural atmosphere with a spooky crew, and the observation of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. And if you prefer to stay on land, know that the municipality of El Sauzal in Tenerife of ...


The Watershed: an artistic hike in Ardèche

e. This artistic journey is punctuated by works from renowned artists. In addition to these astonishing creations, visitors can find specific design furniture and observation markers that help visualize the invisible geographical line between two watersheds. Along this unique hiking path, colored w ...


Destination X: 5 Things to Know About M6's New Adventure Game

pecific profile in this casting. All will need to demonstrate geographical knowledge, as well as tactical and strategic qualities and a keen sense of observation to hope to win. 4- This program required substantial organization. Throughout this adventure, the candidates will face challenges both ins ...


The Dynamite Tree: 5 Things to Know About the Species Hura crepitans

meter in diameter. From a distance, this species is recognized by its majestic bearing. Its branches spread wide and provide dense shade. Upon closer observation, you will recognize it by the thorns covering its trunk, its red flowers, and its fruits shaped like miniature pumpkins. The flowering pr ...