France 2 Broadcasts "vivant", An Ode To Biodiversity.

This Monday, May 22nd, to celebrate World Biodiversity Day, you can start by noting on your calendar the broadcast of the documentary Vivant on Tuesday, May 23rd at 9:10 pm on France 2. This film, signed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, is a magnificent tribute to nature and the enthusiasts who watch over it.

Biodiversity near you.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand has accustomed us to documentaries paying tribute to the wonders of nature around the world. Through his films and his magnificent aerial images, the famous photographer shows us the natural treasures that abound on our blue planet.

In Vivant, his brand new film, to be discovered on France 2 on Tuesday, May 23 at 9:10 p.m., Yann Arthus-Bertrand has chosen to focus his gaze on the wonders of metropolitan France.

This committed photographer for environmental protection invites us once again to marvel at the interconnected living species of which human beings are a part.

The most diverse landscapes in Europe.

You may not know it, but metropolitan France offers the richest diversity of landscapes in all of Europe. In the film Vivant, Yann Arthus-Bertrand takes us on a journey through this incredible patchwork of landscapes, composed of mountains, forests and hedgerows, not to mention rivers and shores.

Such a variety of biotopes naturally hosts an equally varied fauna, where the infinitely small and the infinitely large coexist. This unprecedented documentary is a tribute to French biodiversity, which is also the richest in Europe.

Through this film, you will discover that it is not necessary to go very far to marvel at the beauty, ingenuity and fragility of nature. Life is everywhere around us and this film invites us to reconnect with it and to regain our rightful place as human beings among other species.

"The pictures of 200 naturalists."

For this brand new documentary, Yann Arthus-Bertrand worked in collaboration with 200 naturalists. This collective of professionals and amateurs, budding or seasoned videographers, allowed for the gathering of images of great diversity, to make a film that no classic technical team could have achieved.

The spectacle of living species does not organize itself and it takes a lot of patience to capture a few precious moments. To obtain rare and spectacular images, these enthusiasts had to meticulously study animal behavior, carry out surveys and demonstrate infinite patience. These images were taken during stakeouts that could last several weeks, in sometimes hostile environments.

This extraordinary adventure has resulted in an equally exceptional film. Living is a loving inventory of French biodiversity and a compilation of incredible images, shot by naturalists from all over metropolitan France.

A second film dedicated to the making-of.

In the documentary Renouer avec le vivant which is broadcasted on France 2 at 10:55 pm, following the documentary Vivant, viewers will be able to enter behind the scenes of this filming and discover how photographing wildlife in action is a school of patience.

In this second film, 6 naturalists share their daily lives with viewers, from the birth of their vocation to the daily practice of their passionate profession... This beautiful tribute to experts in nature observation could well inspire vocations!

Did you know?
According to experts' estimates, the biosphere, that is to say, all animal and plant species living on our planet, would represent between 5 and 30 million different species.

But of course, this irreplaceable living heritage is threatened by climate change and human activities such as agriculture, fishing, deforestation, and overexploitation of natural resources.

By showing us the incredible richness that surrounds us, this special evening aims to provoke awareness, in order to give us the desire to better preserve the living species that populate the Hexagon.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: FTV
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In French: France 2 diffuse Vivant, une ode à la biodiversité
En español: Francia 2 emite Vivant, un himno a la biodiversidad.
In italiano: France 2 trasmette Vivant, un'ode alla biodiversità.
Auf Deutsch: France 2 sendet Vivant, eine Ode an die Biodiversität.
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