Destination X: 5 Things To Know About M6's New Adventure Game

Starting December 28, 2023, M6 will air an adventure game show called Destination X. This format, a cross between Peking Express and The Traitors, will have participants traveling across Europe on a bus, trying to guess their final destination. Here are 5 things to know about this game with a promising concept.

This unique game comes to us from Belgium.

Following the failure of the program The Treasure Trail last summer, M6 is once again trying its luck in the adventure game genre.

To retain viewers and create a buzz, the channel is banking on an original concept from Belgium. Destination X is indeed the adaptation of a successful Belgian format.

2- It will be hosted by the actor Philippe Bas.

M6 has decided to entrust the helm of this new program to a face well-known to viewers. It is the actor Philippe Bas, who played Commander Thomas Rocher in the series Profilage on TF1 for seven seasons, who will host the game Destination X.

Regarding this new project, the actor stated: "For me, it's not presenting. I've rather created a character of a game master."

Philippe Bas will appear in episodes of the program through video messages. He will be tasked with announcing games and providing clues to the contestants. This new challenge, not so different from acting, was very enjoyable for him: "I love the mechanics of the game and was quite excited about the idea of stepping out of the usual boxes people tend to put me in. I like doing different things whether it's in film or television, and this was an interesting challenge."

This adventure game pits 10 contestants against each other.

In the game Destination X on M6, 10 anonymous contestants aged between 25 and 64 will board a bus headed for an unknown destination.

This won't be an ordinary bus, but a massive converted bus measuring 15 meters in length, 4 meters in height, and 2.5 meters in width with opaque windows. The aim of the game is to discover the European destination of this road trip, and the production has planned everything to ensure no hints are given away...

This unprecedented challenge will pit 5 men and 5 women with diverse profiles against each other. Some are athletic while others are not, as there is no specific profile in this casting. All will need to demonstrate geographical knowledge, as well as tactical and strategic qualities and a keen sense of observation to hope to win.

4- This program required substantial organization.

Throughout this adventure, the candidates will face challenges both inside the vehicle that transports them and on the ground. These on-site shootings required substantial preparation from the teams at ITV Studios France.

At every stage of this journey, it was necessary to conceal any elements that could give clues to the investigators. The teams from the game Destination X had to, for example, cover up markings on over 300 trees.

5- This adventure game features a psychological dimension.

In order to win the €50,000 at stake, contestants must try to guess the destination of the bus. At the end of each episode, the person who suggests the destination farthest from reality will be eliminated.

With challenges inside the bus, which is the living space of the contestants, and outside, Destination X swings between adventure like Peking Express and psychological gameplay akin to The Traitors. Participants will have to answer questions or undertake physical challenges, all while paying close attention to every detail of their surroundings to try to figure out which part of Europe they are in!

Given this promising concept, viewers might well get hooked on the game. Moreover, they will be able to play in real time on the 6Play platform and try to guess the bus's destination.

This program, set to debut on M6 starting Thursday, December 28, promises to be even more addictive as it will be followed by a thirty-minute show later in the evening that will review all the clues provided in that night's episode.

Author: Audrey
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