Deadloch: 5 Things To Know About The New Prime Video Series.

Starting from June 2nd, a new Australian series is landing on Prime Video for Amazon Prime subscribers. This fiction titled Deadloch is an explosive mix of police investigation and humor. Here are 5 things to know about this unprecedented series.

1- Deadloch is a police comedy.

Series co-created by Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, two Australian comedians forming the comedy duo The Kates, Deadloch bears the mark of its creators and their famous sense of humor.

Although the series initially presents itself as a police investigation, it is more accurate to describe it as a brilliant comedy wrapped in mystery. In this 8-episode series, The Kates offer a very personal and seriously funny take on the crime genre.

2- It features a hilarious duo.

The series Deadloch owes its name to the peaceful coastal hamlet of Tasmania where the story is supposed to take place. This uneventful town is preparing to celebrate its winter festival when a man is found dead on the beach.

For this series, the production has enlisted a beautiful cast of confirmed actors, starting with the duo of investigators.

Local sergeant Dulcie Collins (played by Kate Box) is in charge of the investigation but her investigations lead her nowhere. This stubborn and procedure-respecting cop is therefore forced to collaborate with investigator Eddie Redcliffe (played by Madeleine Sami).

Her partner, who comes from Darwin in the Northern Territory, has the appearance of a rough cowboy and an approach to the case that is radically opposed to hers. Eddie does not want to believe in Collins' theory that it could be a murder linked to another case dating back 5 years.

3- It is based on a more elaborate scenario than it seems.

With such an ill-matched duo, one might think that Deadloch is just another police comedy based on two cops who get along like cats and dogs. But this 8-episode fiction is much richer than that!

Supported by Abby, an overly enthusiastic subordinate agent, the two women will have to set aside their differences to find the killer. As the episodes progress, these two characters grappling with personal difficulties will become as intriguing as the investigation itself...

It should also be noted that very interesting secondary characters revolve around the main duo and that this Australian series avoids stereotypes. Beyond the simple police comedy, this fiction doesn't hesitate to address more serious themes such as misogyny, racism, and homophobia, with many of the town's residents being LGBTQ.

4- She depicts the small town and its gossip well.

Although it delivers jokes with impeccable timing, the series Deadloch perfectly rises to the challenge of playing on both fronts: comedy and mystery. By choosing a small town as its setting where everyone knows everyone, this police comedy manages to establish an atmosphere of suspicion, reminiscent of series such as Twin Peaks or Desperate Housewives! As the investigation stalls and worry and curiosity grow among the inhabitants, no one knows who they can really trust.

The small coastal town, with its long forest-lined roads, isolated houses, and icy beaches, takes on a mysterious hue and becomes the stage for disturbing events. As is often the case in police dramas, the viewer gradually discovers that appearances are deceiving and that there are many unsuspected things happening in this small town.

5- She will keep you on the edge of your seat for several weeks.

The Deadloch series will be available on Prime Video starting from June 2nd, 2023. The first three episodes will be available on Amazon's streaming platform from this date. Then, viewers will have to wait until the following Friday to discover a new, one-hour-long episode.

By releasing episodes on a weekly basis, the Prime Video platform promises to keep us on the edge of our seats, especially as this police comedy is expected to be full of twists and turns! Inspectors Collins and Redcliffe will be on their toes, and so will the viewers...

Author: Audrey
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