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The Carob tree: the tree with small horns

n the bottom. They measure 12 to 30 centimetres long. Its foliage provides welcome shade in hot countries. They form a very effective curtain against noise. The carob tree is in flower from August to September. Its flowers are small, gathered in clusters and red in colour. It produces fruits in the ...


30 km/h speed limits: what benefits for cities?

he benefit of bicycles and pedestrians. According to the City of Paris, reducing the speed limit to 30 km/h will make it possible to divide by two the noise in the vicinity of traffic routes. The mayor's office also hopes that this speed limit and wider sidewalks will help decrease the number ...


Mandelieu: a romantic destination for Valentine's Day

ing the French Riviera! You will be able to experience this little cruise on your own in a beautiful setting, without being disturbed by the engine noise since the boats are electric. View this post on Instagram A publication shared by Mandelieu Tourism (@mandelieu_tourisme) ...


Telecommuting: 3 tips for working in optimal conditions

h a small morning ritual as you turn on your computer: for example, you can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, close the room door to shut out the noise, and start looking at the files on the agenda or the schedule for your work day. Also, plan an evening ritual to conclude your work day so th ...


New technologies: understanding the metaverse in 5 questions

giants have been interested in metaverses or parallel digital worlds. On October 28, 2021, Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that made a lot of noise: the change of name of his company! Not only did the boss of the former Facebook group decide to rebrand his company Meta, but he also announ ...


Technical inspection of two-wheelers: understand this measure in 5 questions

t alternative measures had been taken to increase safety, including - the obligation for motorcyclists to wear gloves - experimentation with noise radars to penalize the noisiest two-wheelers - new, more stringent standards for pollutant emissions - the introduction of a bonus fo ...


10 Chinese Dramas for Beginners

t people under 20 can't know. It begins in 1998. When the internet was in its infancy, when you paid per minute of communication, when the modem made noise to connect and when downloading a page took several minutes. It's about pagers, phone cards and phone booths, Y2K, the first internet compani ...


The death of Lady Di: a global media event

A world-class event Diana Spencer, aka Lady Di, was a global icon. Even during her lifetime, Princess Diana's popularity made her a favorite target of the paparazzi and the tabloids. Her every move was scrutinized and commented by the media. A few weeks before her death, on July 10, 1997, the pr ...


How to rest your brain?

to sit still for hours in class and hold back from talking. So the first tip to remember to rest your brain is to avoid sources of stress such as noise and multi-tasking as much as possible. If you have to do something that requires attention, you can only do one task at a time. Don't try to ...


Kitchen garbage can: 5 tips for choosing the right one

time. To conclude, note that some high-end models come with innovative features such as: - the anti-odour closure - soft closing without noise or risk of getting your fingers stuck - a non-slip base for more stability on the kitchen floor - a colored coating to best match this ...