Cotton Candy Grapes: The Incredible Grape With A Cotton Candy Flavor.

Do you know the seasonal fruit that is causing a frenzy on social media like TikTok? I'm talking about Cotton Candy Grapes, of course! If you haven't tried them yet, hurry up! Now is the time to find them at the stands.

An incredible grape candy

It is at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn that the table grape season is in full swing. It is important to take advantage of this fleeting period to savor white or black grapes with more or less sweet or fruity flavors.

One of the most popular varieties among food lovers arrived in France only a few years ago. It is called Cotton Candy Grapes or "raisin barbe à papa" and it truly lives up to its name!

Even though, from the outside, this table grape looks like any other white grape, it will surprise you with its incredible sweetness and its hint of cotton candy flavor.

If you haven't tried Cotton Candy grapes yet, hurry up and taste them while they are still available in the fruit section... It is a unique and memorable taste experience that might make you feel like a child again, just like a Proustian madeleine or rather like a fairground cotton candy!

A 100% natural product.

Faced with this description of the cotton candy grape flavor, you may think that this variety is a GMO or the result of dubious laboratory manipulations with the addition of artificial flavors... But no!

The Cotton Candy Grapes variety was obtained completely naturally, after years of research and crossbreeding between different grape varieties. It is the result of hybridization techniques that are quite classic.

It was first selected in 2003 by Dr. David Cain, co-founder of IFG, a Californian company specialized in the selection of table grapes. This incredible candy-like grape will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2023, but it only started being sold in stores in 2013. Since then, its popularity has been growing worldwide.

Today, Cotton Candy grapes are cultivated in 13 countries and are one of the favorite table grapes among consumers, especially in its country of origin, the United States.

A treat that Americans love.

Across the Atlantic, Cotton Candy Grapes have become a true phenomenon. This grape with its incredible sweetness and taste is making a lot of noise, especially on the TikTok social network.

It is also through TikTok videos that the cotton candy grape became known in France. Since influencers started filming themselves enjoying this product, it has become the fruit that everyone wants to taste.

Beyond the online buzz and the simple trend, this table grape should convince more than one food lover with its taste qualities. It not only has a sugar content worthy of a real candy, but also a thin skin and no seeds, which make it much more enjoyable to eat.

Cotton candy grapes are the new natural treat to discover for satisfying your candy cravings without feeling guilty. It's highly likely that your children will love it too, allowing you to get them to eat fruits instead of other desserts or industrial candies.

In short, this grape is not just the new trendy food on social networks. It is above all a 100% natural treat that everyone agrees on! The perception of the cotton candy taste varies from person to person, so you will have to taste it yourself to form your own opinion.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: PickPik
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