Swimsuit: Women Prefer The One-piece Swimsuit

There is not only the bikini in life! Even if influencers like to show off their minimalist two-piece swimsuits on social networks, on French beaches, the one-piece swimsuit is in the majority. We have deciphered for you the reasons of a success that does not deny itself.

A model adapted to all morphologies

Even though in the long history of the swimsuit the one-piece has known an up and down popularity, today it is the favorite model of French women. In 2019, a study by Statista Research Department found that 52.4% of those surveyed had a preference for this fuller coverage swimsuit.

It is probably because it camouflages the belly and the small bulges that we do not want to show on the beaches that the one-piece swimsuit is favored by a large number of women and remains a bestseller in both specialty stores and ready-to-wear stores.

In addition to concealing the abdomen, this model also has the advantage of fitting all body types and sizes. Whether you are tall or short, it helps to refine the figure and lengthen the legs.

A flat belly ally

The one-piece swimsuit is an ally of choice when you want to hide the belly, a body part that complex many women.

If you want to show off a flat stomach on the beach this summer, opt for a sheathing model that sculpts the figure and erases complexes like magic.

And if you have a flat and well-muscled belly, you can dare the trikini, a kind of one-piece particularly sexy!

In this model that reveals the waist and part of the belly, only a thin strip of fabric connects the top to the bottom of the bikini. The back is also very bare.

A guarantee of comfort and freedom

If some women prefer the one-piece to the bikini, it is also because this type of swimsuit is more comfortable and more attractive when you move.

Sportswomen appreciate it for the freedom of movement it offers. For example, it allows you to practice a water sport, play beach volleyball or swim in the waves without fear of losing part of your swimsuit.

Nevertheless, it is no longer limited to a functional garment, like the sports shirt you wear at the municipal pool! It has reinvented itself to follow new trends and adapt to all tastes and occasions.

Models for all tastes

Because it comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors, the one-piece swimsuit can be worn in all circumstances.

Discreet and sculpting when it is black, this swimsuit becomes elegant in white and sexy in red or glittery version. Thanks to new models that are much less modest than before, it is possible to be as sexy with a one-piece as with a bikini.

Today, the one-piece swimsuit also comes in a very low-cut version, with daring cutouts and very plunging necklines on the front or back. As for the straps, they can be more or less thin, single or double.

To note: to choose a model adapted to your morphology, know that the smaller your chest is and the more you can dare a plunging neckline. Conversely, it is better to opt for a model with underwiring if your chest is heavy. The strapless swimsuit is well suited to generous breasts because it perfectly maintains the breasts while offering a nice neckline.

A hybrid garment

The trend of hybrid clothing that can be worn during the day and evening has not spared the swimwear industry. Just like its close cousin the bodysuit, the one-piece swimsuit is now worn in the city as well as on the beach.

Just pair this piece with shorts, a skirt or jeans to transform it instantly into evening wear and go from sand to dancefloor in no time.

You'll have understood, the one-piece is a must-have in your summer wardrobe. It has become an essential ally to reconcile seduction and comfort.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Bruce Christianson
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