Cardio Boxing: 5 Good Reasons To Start

Have you heard about this new fitness activity called cardio boxing? Accessible to both women and men, this endurance sport offers multiple benefits and advantages. Here are 5 good reasons to give it a try.

1- To let off steam.

The first good reason to try cardio boxing is the possibility of letting off steam like a boxer in the ring, but without the risk of injury. This new trendy discipline is a hybrid sport, halfway between boxing and fitness. It borrows its movements from combat sports and allows you to chain together kicks, punches, dodges, and shuffles during a session...even if the blows are thrown in the air (like shadow boxing) or on a target.

In summary, you won't risk leaving the class with a black eye, but you will have effectively released your stress by mimicking a boxing match "for pretend"!

2- To work on one's cardio.

As its name suggests, cardio boxing is a sport that works on cardio and that's the second good reason to get into it! This discipline is one of the best for working on your heart exactly like boxing (but without actual combat).

This fitness activity falls into the category of cardio-training activities or cardiovascular exercises because it allows you to:
• improve heart performance
• increase endurance
• keep your heart and lungs in good shape
• burn calories in order to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight.

3- To tone up one's figure.

Cardio boxing is also an interesting activity to refine one's silhouette and to tone the entire body. Even though shadow boxing exercises are performed without an opponent, they closely resemble kickboxing movements in the ring. They allow for reshaping the silhouette by working both the upper and lower body (arms, shoulders, abs as well as glutes and legs).

4- To sweat with a good mood.

You got it, cardio boxing is an activity that burns a lot of calories and makes you sweat... in a good mood!

During a session, exercises follow one another to the rhythm of catchy music. The punches thrown in the air have the appearance of a dance choreography. But the physical effort is very real, which allows for the release of endorphins, the famous happiness hormones!

This activity at the crossroads of a combat sport and a fitness class is more playful than traditional boxing and more accessible, as classes take place in an ordinary setting. Sessions do not take place in a ring but can be organized in any room or gym with little equipment.

5- To boost self-confidence

Finally, this discipline is perfect if your goals are not limited to just losing weight or building muscle but also if you want to release your anger and boost your self-confidence.

Cardio boxing is a good compromise for shy people who do not dare to sign up for a traditional boxing class. This fitness activity allows you to benefit from the advantages of boxing without the dangers or other drawbacks of a combat sport.

It will allow you to:
• express the warrior within you
• gain self-confidence
• release excess energy
• relieve stress if you have a demanding job.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Universidad Europea de Madrid on Flickr
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In French: La cardio boxe : 5 bonnes raisons de s'y mettre
En español: La cardio boxeo: 5 buenas razones para empezar.
In italiano: La cardio boxe: 5 buone ragioni per cominciare.
Auf Deutsch: Die Cardio-Box: 5 gute Gründe, damit anzufangen.
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