Health: 5 Ideas For Enjoying The Benefits Of The Seaside

If you're planning a vacation by the sea this summer, don't just relax on the sand! The seaside has a wealth of health benefits. We've listed 5 ideas for you to get back in shape during your stay.

1- Walking in water

Even if you're mostly planning on lounging and sunbathing on your next seaside vacation, don't Lie on the sand all day! Not only would you risk sunstroke and sunburn, but you'd miss out on the benefits of physical activity by the sea.

The coastline is an ideal setting for fitness, as evidenced by the constant success of thalasso cures! Even without booking a thalassotherapy stay you can take care of your health during your vacation. The simple act of walking in the water helps boost venous circulation.

Walking in the water is beneficial to everyone and especially to people who already suffer from venous insufficiency and heavy legs in summer. To take advantage of the benefits of this walk, walk briskly for at least 30 minutes with water up to your waist.

The temperature of the sea or ocean, which is cooler than your body temperature, promotes the contraction of the veins and a good return of blood to the heart.

2- Walking barefoot in the sand

On the beach, too, walking is especially beneficial if it is a sandy beach. Walking barefoot in the sand helps develop your sense of balance. It's a great exercise when you're getting older to limit the risk of falling.

Because our feet are most of the time locked in shoes, their musculature weakens. So, take advantage of your vacations by the sea to give them some fresh air!

Barefoot walking or Barefooting is beneficial because it allows your feet to come into direct contact with the ground and to regain their proprioception. A fine sandy beach is the ideal setting to get back into the habit of walking barefoot.

To be noted: walking barefoot outdoors is contraindicated for diabetics because of the risk of infection. People with diabetes should only walk barefoot indoors to avoid injury.

3- Getting back into sports

Among the benefits of the seaside, it is also worth noting that it is a good setting to resume physical activity after a year of sedentary work.

For example, you can practice swimming by starting with a 15-minute session and gradually increasing the time spent swimming and the speed of your stroke.

When practiced in the ocean, swimming is even more beneficial because the water is generally cooler than in the Pool and the body burns more calories to maintain its temperature.

If you are not a strong swimmer, consider getting a small swim board. Place your elbows on the board and extend the beach while kicking. These kicks build up your thighs and glutes.

You can also try another sport that doesn't require you to know how to swim: longe-côte! This sporty walk in the water is a complete sport that works muscles, cardio and balance.

4- Muscle your abs

Seaside vacations offer a perfect opportunity to practice water aerobics. Even if you can't find a coach-led class at your vacation spot, you can perform moves in the water to build muscle with the help of a few accessories.

If you want to strengthen your abs and trim your belly, grab two fries and place one under each armpit to keep your upper body out of the water.

In this position do as if you were sitting in a chair then bring your knees up to your chest. Then return to a sitting position and straighten your legs.

Repeat this sequence between 3 and 10 times depending on your capabilities. This exercise allows you to easily build up your abdominal muscles thanks to the water carrying you. But it should of course only be done when the sea is calm.

5- Recharge your batteries

The last of the benefits of the seaside is that it allows vacationers to recharge their batteries. Coastal areas are proven to help reduce stress levels and breathe easier. Sea air is beneficial for respiratory illnesses and there is less pollution on the coastline.

Breathe in the sea spray at your lungs and enjoy your vacation to be lulled by the sound of the waves and/or to contemplate a sunset on the coastline.

Whatever your favorite way to relax, the most important thing is to take a step back from your worries and let the stress leave you.

Don't feel guilty about doing nothing! Lazing around also has health and brain benefits as studies have proven that doing nothing boosts creativity. Just let your thoughts wander and new connections are made between ideas and facts you've already memorized.

To learn more about the benefits of the sea, we recommend the book La mer : Une thérapie naturelle pour notre santé by Deborah Cracknell (ed. Trédaniel, 2019, 18€).

Author: Audrey
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