Kit, Shell Or Wooden Pools: Which Cheap Pool To Choose?

Did you know that having a pool in your garden has become much more accessible? Thanks to kit models, shell pools or wooden models, swimming pools are becoming more and more accessible in all regions of France. We explain to you which model of cheap pool to choose in order to swim all summer without ruining you.

What is the cheapest inground pool?

Since the confinement and with heat waves becoming more and more frequent in our country, more and more French people are realizing their dream of having an in-ground pool.

In fact, France is the second largest market in the world for swimming pools after the United States. In 2021 alone, more than 240,000 French people took the plunge. Being able to Cool off by taking a dip in the azure water was once a luxury. But this privilege is becoming more and more accessible thanks to low cost pool models.

To lower prices, specialized companies now offer kit pools, wooden models and resin shells 4 times cheaper than concrete.

Why choose a kit pool?

The first solution to have a cheap pool is to choose a kit model. To ensure yourself the construction indeed allows between 30 and 50% savings compared to the traditional installation by a pool specialist.

At a time when many French people are on a tight budget, kit pools account for up to 80% of sales at some pool companies.

Installing a kit pool is not difficult, as long as you are a handyman. These models are usually delivered with detailed instructions that guide you through each step of the installation. Another advantage is that if you have already done the groundwork, you can start the installation without delay, as soon as you receive the package.

The kit models therefore have several advantages:
- they are less expensive than traditional pools
- they offer a wide choice in terms of shape and customization
- they can be ready to use in a few days or weeks maximum.

Why choose a shell pool?

If you don't have any DIY skills or don't have enough time to do the construction of your pool yourself, another way to keep this project cheap is to opt for a shell pool.

These easy and quick to install pools can be ready to use in 5 days. They come in the form of polyester shells of varying sizes and are ready to use.

While concrete pools require several months of work, this type of resin pool can be installed in just a few days. You can install it yourself or have it installed by a specialized company.

The shell pools are of course delivered with all the necessary, i.e. filtration and lighting equipment, at a price defying all competition. Thanks to these resin shells, it becomes possible to realize your dream of having an in-ground pool for less than 20,000 €, work and equipment included, which is much cheaper than a concrete pool.

Another cheap alternative is to choose a wooden pool. There are now many models, above ground or in ground, in this natural material that fits well in gardens.

And why not a mini pool?

The budget to plan for depends of course on the price of the installation (depending on whether or not you use a pool specialist), but also on the size of the future pool. This is why more and more French people on a tight budget are opting for mini pools.

For these small format models, containing less than 15 m3 of water, the price is between 7500 and 9000 €, excluding installation costs. But the pleasure of being able to bathe and Cool off at any time is in no way diminished!

A mini wooden pool even costs less (between 1500 and 5000 € installation included), while offering a very aesthetic pool that fits wonderfully into a small garden.

Author: Audrey
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