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Kit, shell or wooden pools: which cheap pool to choose?

a luxury. But this privilege is becoming more and more accessible thanks to low cost pool models. To lower prices, specialized companies now offer kit pools, wooden models and resin shells 4 times cheaper than concrete. Why choose a kit pool? The first solution to have a cheap pool is to choo ...


Games: Lego introduces children to robotics

cided to put innovation at the heart of its investments. Now, several of its products have a robotic and digital dimension, such as the Lego Boost kit, which is supposed to introduce children to coding. This box of games, which was first unveiled by the brand at the 2017 edition of CES in Las ...


Aromatherapy first aid kit: 5 essential oils to take with you when you travel

2- Peppermint against nausea Because it has so many uses, peppermint essential oil is one of the 5 oils you should pack in your travel first aid kit. It is particularly indicated against nausea whether it is caused by seasickness, motion sickness or altitude sickness. Simply take a drop unde ...


Hiking: 5 tips to prepare your hike

can take less food with you (a few snacks like dried fruit or cereal bars) and complete your picnic by shopping on the spot. 5- Bring a first aid kit In addition to the hiker's basic equipment of good shoes and clothing suitable for both good weather and rain, it is very important to always car ...


2021, the polar summer: a cultural season throughout France

ve been designed specifically for primary and secondary school teachers, in partnership with the association Passagers des sciences. The educational kit made available to teachers offers: - a booklet to discover the polar worlds - activities linked to the photographic exhibition The ice ...


Travelling Solo: our recommendations for safe travel

repare accordingly. And if you need to be tested regularly remember to be in places where you can get those tests done. Constitute a small first aid kit with travel essentials (antiseptic, bandage...). Some pharmacies offer ready-made ones with these famous travel "essentials". And if you are on me ...