Aromatherapy First Aid Kit: 5 Essential Oils To Take With You When You Travel

Have you thought of taking essential oils in your luggage to remedy the little aches and pains of the whole family during the vacations? Although it is an alternative medicine, aromatherapy is very effective to soothe an insect bite, treat digestive problems or relieve a sunburn. Here are 5 essential oils that are essential in a first aid kit when traveling.

1- Spike lavender against stings

Mosquito or wasp bites are some of the most common little boo-boos during summer vacation. To remedy this, the first of the 5 essential oils to take with you on your trip is lavender aspic.

The Lavender aspic essential oil gets its name from the aspic viper because it is known to neutralize venom.

You can apply it directly to the skin to relieve all types of stings: mosquito and wasp stings, jellyfish, sea urchin or live bites at the beach, but also nettle 'stings'.

Reapply essential oil every 5 minutes until symptoms improve. On the other hand, for snakebites, it goes without saying that you should call 15 or 112.

This essential oil also has antalgic and skin repairing properties. So you can use it in case of burns or sunburn by diluting it in a nourishing vegetable oil such as calendula or sweet almond oil.

Caution: this oil contains camphor. It is therefore contraindicated for pregnant or nursing women and children under 30 months. It cannot be used internally.

2- Peppermint against nausea

Because it has so many uses, peppermint essential oil is one of the 5 oils you should pack in your travel first aid kit.

It is particularly indicated against nausea whether it is caused by seasickness, motion sickness or altitude sickness. Simply take a drop under the tongue or on a sugar to relieve nausea or ease digestion after a heavy meal.

You can also pour 2 drops in a handkerchief to breathe during a car ride.

Caution: this oil is contraindicated in pregnant and nursing women, in people with epilepsy and in children under 6 years old. Ginger essential oil will then be preferred.

Peppermint essential oil can also relieve other symptoms like headaches and hangovers! Simply apply a drop to the temples while massaging.

Finally, if you suffer from heavy legs and venous insufficiency, you can add a drop in your hand with your moisturizing body lotion and apply this mixture on your legs while massaging from the bottom up to stimulate venous return.

3- Tea tree against infections

The essential oil of tea tree or tea tree is another powerful remedy that is a must-have in the traveler's first aid kit. It does indeed have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Tea tree will allow you to treat various common wounds and diseases:
- as a direct application on a mycosis (non-vaginal), especially a nail or foot mycosis
- as a disinfectant on a wound, even an open one, after cleaning it with soap and water to remove dirt
- as a gargle, diluted in water, to relieve sore throats and mouth ulcers

This essential oil has no contraindications, even for children and pregnant women if you dilute it correctly.

4- Roman chamomile to calm down

Among the 5 essential oils to take on vacation, we must also mention Roman chamomile or noble chamomile (not to be confused with German chamomile or matricaria).

This oil with soothing and sedative properties will help you sleep through bed changes and travel stress. Simply put two drops on the inside of your wrists and breathe deeply. You can also apply it to the solar plexus area to relieve tension.

Roman chamomile essential oil also has soothing properties for the skin and relieves burns, allergic reactions, heat and sunburn. You can apply it pure or dilute it in a vegetable oil.

In case of intestinal spasms, stomach aches and cramps, you can apply the same mixture of essential oil and vegetable oil because noble chamomile has antispasmodic properties.

5- Lemon eucalyptus against mosquitoes

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil is another must have during the summer vacations due to its repellent effect against mosquitoes.

This oil is rich in citriodiol, a substance that is effective against mosquitoes, even the tropical mosquitoes that transmit dengue, chikungunya and the Zika virus.

To apply it more easily to your body, add a few drops of this essential oil to your moisturizer.

Also note that lemon eucalyptus essential oil has an interesting anti-inflammatory effect against joint or muscle pain. In case of aches and pains or small injuries, simply dilute it at 50% in an arnica vegetable oil and massage the painful area with this mixture.

To note: to take these different essential oils with you when traveling, be sure to place the bottles away from heat and light.

If you have never used any of these oils before, do an allergy test by applying a drop to the crease of the elbow. Wait 45 minutes and, if any redness appears, do not use this essential oil.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Pxhere
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