Japanese Manicure: A Ritual For Naturally Shiny Nails

In a salon or at home, Japanese manicure is a beauty routine favored by those who want to give their nails a break. If you are tired of using nail polish and remover every week, don't wait any longer to try this polish-free manicure, a true detox cure for the nails.

What is Japanese manicure?

The Japanese manicure is a beauty ritual that allows you to have naturally shiny nails without the need to apply polish.

This method, which rides the trend of natural nails, promises to heal and strengthen nails damaged by classic or semi-permanent polish.

It offers a real detox cure for brittle or split nails following the application of false nails, polish, or other nail art techniques...

What are the steps of a Japanese manicure?

Just like the Korean glass skin for the face, Japanese manicure is based on the principle of layering. It consists of several steps and requires the application of multiple layers of care on the hands and nails.

When practiced in a beauty salon, this made-in-Japan manicure includes the following steps:
• The nails are filed and then lightly polished using a block.
• A specific paste made from natural active ingredients such as algae or beeswax is applied to the nails.
• The nails are polished one by one with a particular polisher, whose soft surface resembles chamois leather. Each nail is buffed for at least one minute.
• The cuticles are pushed back after soaking the fingers in soapy water.
• The beautician performs an exfoliation and massage of the hands.
• Finally, a specific powder is applied to the nails to maintain their shine over time. The result is comparable to the application of a shiny top coat, but without polish!

Note: This shine will fade over the days, disappearing on average 8 days after the manicure.

How to do a Japanese manicure at home?

For all those who want to pamper their nails and make them stronger without going to a beauty salon, it is entirely possible to do a Japanese manicure at home.

The first solution is to buy a Japanese manicure kit online. This type of kit contains:
• the special paste and buffer to polish the nails one by one.
• the powder and small brush that provide the final touch to this type of manicure and give the nails a natural shiny finish.

Before performing the actual polishing, make sure your nails are perfectly clean and filed. You can then proceed to the following steps.

1- Soak your hands in soapy water and push back the cuticles.
2- Gently smooth the surface of the nail with the rougher side of the buffer (abrasive side).
3- Apply a bit of nourishing paste on each nail and buff with the soft side of the buffer.
4- Finally, apply the powder and gently rub with the brush until your nails start to shine.

How to do it when you don't have a Japanese manicure kit?

If you haven't found a Japanese manicure kit, you can draw inspiration from this beauty routine to strengthen your nails and make them shine naturally.

You can:
• start by filing your nails to the desired length.
• soak your hands in soapy water and push back the cuticles.
• exfoliate your hands and nails using a gentle scrub or a simple mixture of honey and sugar.
• use the abrasive side of the nail buffer to gently smooth their surface.
• apply a special moisturizing treatment for hands and nails.
• polish your nails with the soft side of the buffer.
• apply castor oil to each nail using a small clean brush.
• massage each nail to let the castor oil penetrate and make your nails shine naturally.

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In French: La manucure japonaise : un rituel pour des ongles naturellement brillants
En español: La manicura japonesa: un ritual para unas uñas naturalmente brillantes
In italiano: La manicure giapponese: un rituale per unghie naturalmente brillanti
Auf Deutsch: Japanische Maniküre: Ein Ritual für natürlich glänzende Nägel
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