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Fashion: 5 tips for wearing an overshirt

. When the cold weather arrives, it can also be slipped under a coat to keep you even warmer. Moreover, it is the perfect garment to follow the layering trend, those layering games that are very much in vogue right now. 2- Choose your style One of the great advantages of the overshirt is t ...


K-beauty or Korean beauty: the trend of the moment

urs, morning and night, taking care of their skin. They don't hesitate to apply up to twelve products one after the other, in a complex ritual called layering. All with the sole purpose of having a perfect, fresh and rested complexion. In the land of Matin-Calme, an adage states that 'there are n ...


Glass skin: how to follow this Korean beauty trend?

actives to capture light and reflect it like glass. This very particular result cannot be achieved with just one moisturizing product but requires a layering of several cosmetic products. This is what is called layering (another beauty trend from South Korea). In practice, you need at least the fo ...


Festive meals: 5 tips for setting beautiful plates

to give relief to a dish. Therefore, instead of simply juxtaposing the different elements (like a meat and its side dish) on the plate, think about layering them for a more aesthetically pleasing look. The materials listed above, especially cookie cutters and baking circles, will help you crea ...


Plant: Santolina Little Cypress in 8 questions

Note: to propagate this species, you have several options: • divide a plant in summer • take stem cuttings in autumn • propagate the plant by layering in autumn. 4- What type of soil is suitable for Santolina? Like many Mediterranean plants, the little cypress cotton lavender ...


Rubber plant: an easy-to-maintain green plant.

height. When it becomes large, consider staking or training the stems. It is an easy plant to propagate. The rubber plant is easy to propagate through layering or stem cuttings. Take stems with at least one leaf to propagate in the spring or summer. Caution: when cutting this plant, it secretes a t ...


Health: 5 Tips to Combat Cold Feet

em. • the correct size: when buying shoes, you must also ensure your feet are not cramped. Choose a model that allows your toes to move freely and avoid layering tights and socks! Blood circulation in your toes, ankles, and calves must be optimal to warm your feet all the way to the tips. 3- ...


Fine Hair: 5 Tips to Add Volume

's important to go to the hairdresser and get a trim every two to three months on average. Layered cuts are most suitable for this type of hair since layering adds bounce to the hair. Regular trims prevent split ends and contribute to the overall health of the hair. So, if you notice split ends in ...


Japanese manicure: a ritual for naturally shiny nails

techniques... What are the steps of a Japanese manicure? Just like the Korean glass skin for the face, Japanese manicure is based on the principle of layering. It consists of several steps and requires the application of multiple layers of care on the hands and nails. When practiced in a beauty sal ...