Fashion: 5 Tips For Wearing An Overshirt

For a few years now, the overshirt has been the essential piece of the autumn-winter wardrobe. Versatile, this garment can be worn as a mid-season jacket or as an extra layer in a layering game. If you don't know how to integrate it into your outfits, here are 5 tips for wearing the overshirt.

1- Adopt it in any season

With the exception of summer, the overshirt can be worn in all seasons: spring, fall and winter!

This piece also called shacket, a word born from the contraction between shirt (the shirt) and jacket (the jacket), can indeed be worn as a jacket when temperatures still allow it.

It makes a casual jacket in late fall and early spring.

When the cold weather arrives, it can also be slipped under a coat to keep you even warmer.

Moreover, it is the perfect garment to follow the layering trend, those layering games that are very much in vogue right now.

2- Choose your style

One of the great advantages of the overshirt is that it combines the elegance of the shirt collar with the casualness of a plain jacket.

In fact, it is possible to wear it in both styles, either fully buttoned up like a real shirt, or open over a tee shirt like a vest.

What's more, this piece comes in a multitude of materials and prints, making it suitable for all looks and body types.

If this garment was popularized by the flannel shirt with lumberjack style checks, it is also possible to wear it in more classic colors like black, beige or ecru.

It is then a basic elegant in all circumstances.

3- Pair it with jeans

If you're looking for a casual look to wear around town, opt for the oversized overshirt and wear it open, like a slightly loose jacket.

The easiest way to avoid a fashion faux pas is to pair it with skinny jeans and a simple white tee. On your feet, choose a pair of sneakers or ankle boots and you're done!

At the beginning of autumn, you can also combine this piece with a floral dress, long or short, to have the illusion of prolonging summer a little.

4- Wear it like a blazer

At the office too, you can adopt the overshirt, provided that you respect certain rules of elegance.

In a professional context, this garment is happily worn like a blazer. This means buttoning it up and adding a nice belt to mark your waist.

In this case, it is advisable to wear it with well-cut trousers or a slit skirt and a nice feminine top. On your feet, opt for loafers.

In terms of colour, you should opt for a sober shade, such as raw denim or black. If the season is still mild, you can even wear it in an unbleached version at the end of the summer.

5- Adopt her in the evening

We don't always think about it, but the overshirt can also be worn in the evening.

It's perfect with a little black dress if you choose a metallic or striped effect model.

A leather or faux leather model, belted or carelessly open, can meanwhile be paired with straight pants and a pretty camisole.

Finally, did you know that there are overshirts long enough to be worn as a single piece?

In this case, you just have to add a big belt and heels to compose your evening outfit.

As you can see, the 'overshirt' or shacket is THE must-have piece to adopt this year!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Benjamin Combs
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