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Hair: the benefits of castor oil in 5 questions

1- What is castor oil used for? Castor oil is a natural vegetable oil often touted as a miracle remedy for hair, as well as for skin, nails, and eyelashes. This oil, known as castor oil in the list of cosmetic ingredients, has ricinoleic acid as its main active component. This unsaturated fatty ac ...


Beauty: 5 beneficial oils for dry hair

to deal with an oily scalp and dry ends. You can make a repair serum for dry ends by simply mixing 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil with 1 tablespoon of castor oil. 3- Avocado oil With its rich texture, avocado oil is one of the most effective natural plant oils for nourishing dry hair. In addi ...


Japanese manicure: a ritual for naturally shiny nails

uffer to gently smooth their surface. • apply a special moisturizing treatment for hands and nails. • polish your nails with the soft side of the buffer. • apply castor oil to each nail using a small clean brush. • massage each nail to let the castor oil penetrate and make yo ...


Clay: What benefits for the stomach?

(preferably before meals or in case of gastric burns). Note: if you use it as a treatment for digestive disorders, do not combine it with activated charcoal or castor oil. Clay is contraindicated in cases of abdominal hernia, high blood pressure, or intestinal obstruction, as well as in pregnant w ...


Beauty: how to strengthen nails and hair in autumn?

e natural remedies is applying vegetable oil to your hair and nails. Choose a 100% pure and organic vegetable oil, for example sweet almond oil or castor oil: rich in vitamin E, fatty acids and omegas 6 and 9, the latter is known to promote nail and hair growth. Simply apply a drop of oil to e ...


Witch garden : which plants to grow ?

A beneficial garden When we talk about witch garden, we sometimes imagine that it will host plants associated with black magic such as datura, castor oil, belladonna or monkshood. But today's witches are women who are well aware of the properties of plants and use them mainly for benevolent purp ...


Fine Hair: 5 Tips to Add Volume

os that contain sulfates that are too harsh for your hair. Since your hair is fragile, prefer gentle shampoos enriched with natural actives, such as castor oil, neutral henna, or ginger. Also avoid any actions that could damage your hair like washing too frequently (more than three times a week), h ...