Jungle Garden: 5 Plants To Follow This Trend

Have you heard about the trend of creating a miniature jungle in a corner of one's garden or in a simple flowerbed? To achieve the desired effect, with an abundance of lush and exotic plants, it is essential to choose the right plants! We have selected 5 must-have plants for a jungle garden.

1- The Japanese banana tree

With their large decorative leaves, banana plants are essential in an exotic garden or even in a jungle garden!

In our climate, it is of course preferable to choose a hardy banana plant like the Japanese banana or Musa basjoo. This species of banana plant can withstand cold down to -12°C, or even -15°C.

It can grow over 2 meters tall, especially if you provide it with rich soil and regular watering. But be careful with the location you choose, as its foliage does not tolerate wind well! Preferably install it in a spot sheltered from the wind by other trees or walls.

2- The hemp palm

In a different style, palm trees are also essential when you want to create a tropical atmosphere in your garden. You can incorporate this type of plant into your jungle garden, even if you don't live on the French Riviera! To do so, simply choose a hardy species like the hemp palm or Trachycarpus fortunei.

This palm tree, native to the mountains of China and Japan, is hardy down to -18°C. It prefers rich and light soils and can be planted in full sun or partial shade.

3- The giant rhubarb

One of the essential tips to know for creating a jungle garden is to use plants with large foliage. This is certainly the case with the banana plant, but also with other tropical plants like the Gunnera manicata or giant rhubarb.

This species, native to Brazil, is simply the largest perennial plant in the world! It can reach a span of 4 meters and produce leaves that are 2 meters in diameter. In addition to its spectacular foliage, it produces red and green inflorescences in spikes during the summer.

To enjoy the exuberance of this tropical plant, it requires a very moist soil rich in humus. It is essential to water it regularly and to provide a location where it can spread out, ideally sheltered from the wind. This plant is moderately hardy, down to -10°C.

4- The rice paper plant

Another hardy plant up to -10°C that is perfectly suited for a jungle garden due to its graphic foliage in an XXL size is the rice paper plant, or Tetrapanax papyrifera Rex.

Its beautifully cut leaves unfold like an umbrella and add a graphic touch that is welcome in an exotic garden or flower bed. With its relatively low height, the rice paper plant complements bamboo such as Fargesia robusta (a small, non-invasive bamboo well-suited for small gardens) very well.

This species, native to China and Japan, is a rhizomatous plant that tends to spread. To control its growth, it may be useful to install a rhizome barrier. Preferably plant it in partial shade in fertile and somewhat moist soil.

5- The large fern with golden scales

Among the plants to use in a jungle garden, ferns are certainly worth mentioning. In our climates, for example, you can use the "large golden-scaled fern" or Dryopteris wallichiana.

This species with its magnificent foliage is hardy down to -15°C (5°F). With a height ranging from 1 m to 1.5 m (3.3 ft to 4.9 ft), it evokes the tree ferns typical of tropical areas. To allow it to fully develop its stature, just provide it with deep soil and very rich in humus.

Good to know
Now that you know which plants to use in a jungle garden, all that's left is to combine them well to create a scene of plant chaos.
To achieve a miniature jungle with lush vegetation, you can increase the plantings without restraint. You simply need to layer the different species according to their height and play on the verticality of the ensemble.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Audrey Vautherot
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