Heatwave And Health: Mistakes To Avoid

To protect your body during periods of high heat, there are things to do and things you should definitely not do! We invite you to discover the mistakes to avoid in order to protect your health during a heatwave.

1- Drinking beers or other alcoholic beverages.

Drinking a cold beer when it's hot may seem like a good idea to quench your thirst. But in reality, beer, like all alcoholic beverages, has the effect of dehydrating the body.

That's why in case of high heat, it's better to opt for a non-alcoholic beer and completely avoid alcoholic drinks.

2- Drink chilled

To cool down when it's hot, one may also be tempted to drink cold or even very cold beverages. The refreshing effect of very cold drinks like iced tea is pleasant at first, but it is neither long-lasting nor truly effective...

By ingesting a cold liquid, you don't actually lower your body temperature. Instead, you impose a thermal shock on your body, which has to warm up the liquid to assimilate it properly.

This effort requires an expenditure of energy that warms up your body. That's why, even though it may seem less pleasant during a heatwave, it is recommended to consume beverages at room temperature or even drink warm tea and herbal infusions to hydrate properly.

3- Take cold showers

In the same vein, it is not good to take a cold shower when it is very hot. Cold showers during heatwaves are not only difficult to bear. They are also bad for your health!

Indeed, they quickly lower body temperature due to the cold water and evaporation of water on the skin. They cause a sudden thermal shock that the body will have to compensate for with a rapid increase in temperature.

4- Lighten your meals

High temperatures can decrease appetite, but it is not a good idea to lighten your meals during a heatwave. To withstand the heat, you need to not only stay well hydrated by drinking water but also eat well!

Seasonal fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, and melon are a good source of hydration. But be careful: your meals should not be limited to these light and water-rich foods, especially since raw vegetables tend to irritate the intestines!

To maintain your strength, you need to eat sufficient quantities and create balanced menus with:
• cooked vegetables like ratatouille or chilled zucchini soup
• sources of protein such as cheese (like mozzarella or feta) or chicken breast
• starches that you can incorporate into a composed salad: preparing a pasta or quinoa salad is a simple yet effective way to have a complete meal in the summer.

5- Go out and exercise.

Even though outdoor sports are usually excellent for health, this is no longer the case during episodes of high heat. Not only is it advised to avoid physical exertion during heatwaves, but atmospheric conditions also lead to ozone pollution in cities.

In summer, due to the combined effect of sunlight and lack of wind, it is common for ozone concentration to increase in the atmosphere. However, this molecule, also known as O3, is a particularly harmful pollutant.

That is why most municipalities alert the population during ozone peaks and take measures to reduce this pollution.

To avoid exposure to air pollution and outdoor heat, it is best to avoid opening windows during the day. On hot days, the best approach is to close windows and shutters during the day and wait until nightfall to open them and cool down the house...

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Pxfuel
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