Hemorrhoids: 3 Natural Solutions To Avoid Recurrence

If you are prone to hemorrhoidal attacks, you know that this generally benign problem causes embarrassing discomfort and pain on a daily basis. These attacks also have the disadvantage of recurring, becoming chronic and worsening over time. If hemorrhoids regularly spoil your life, here are 3 natural solutions to avoid recurrences.

1- Avoid constipation

Although hemorrhoidal attacks are multifactorial, constipation is among the main causes of this problem.

The first of 3 natural solutions to avoid recurrence is therefore to prevent constipation with some common sense advice.

If your bowel movements are lazy and this is causing hemorrhoids, you can try the following natural remedies:
- Drink 1.5 liters of water a day, starting with a glass of warm water in the morning when you get up.
- Take herbal teas beneficial for digestion and transit such as fennel, marshmallow or mallow infusions.
- Eat 4 prunes a day after rehydrating them, i.e. soaking them in a bowl of warm water
- Walk every day for at least half an hour (or more if you can) to activate intestinal transit
- Practicing physical activity, even gentle ones, such as water aerobics for example
- Regularly consume flax seeds or chia seeds in your morning muesli

During episodes of constipation, you can also :
- take a tablespoon of psyllium diluted in a fruit or vegetable juice
- elevate your feet with a foot stool placed in front of your toilet when you try to have a bowel movement.

2- Strengthen your veins and your liver function

Just like the heavy legs so common in the summer, hemorrhoidal attacks are related to a malfunction of your venous system.

Cures of veinotonic plants taken as herbal teas or dietary supplements can relieve hemorrhoids by easing venous congestion.

Among the natural solutions to avoid recurrences, we can therefore mention the following venotonic plants:
- red vine
- horse chestnut
- petit-houx
- witch hazel

In addition, all plants that continue to drain the liver have a positive action on hemorrhoidal attacks because a weak liver promotes venous congestion.

To stimulate your liver function, you can take desmodium, turmeric, rosemary or milk thistle for example.

During seasonal changes, in spring and fall, you can also take a course of black radish, artichoke, burdock, fumitory or lime sapwood.

3- Adapt your diet

If you suffer from recurrent hemorrhoidal attacks, you may be wondering why your hemorrhoids are coming back.

Look no further than your plate! Some of the causes are likely to be found in your diet, especially if you have a habit of consuming strong spices, alcohol or lots of coffee.

Also, if you don't eat enough fiber and drink enough water, it can promote constipation and thus chronic hemorrhoids.

To put an end to recurrences, you must therefore act on your eating habits by adopting the following good habits:
- Eat more fiber by increasing your portions of fruits and vegetables but also of semi-complete cereals and bread, dried fruits, chia seeds or flax seeds
- Favour foods rich in antioxidants that strengthen veins such as red and black fruits, pomegranate, goji, green tea and matcha tea
- Consume more omega 3 with anti-inflammatory properties: you will find them in walnut or rapeseed oil, flaxseed and oily fish
- Drink plenty of water and herbal teas.

During hemorrhoidal attacks, avoid also the favoring foods such as coffee, alcohol, strong spices such as chili, pepper and curry. Limit industrial dishes, heavy meals, and gluten and dairy products.

To be noted: these 3 natural solutions should allow you to end hemorrhoids. However, in case of anal bleeding, you should consult a doctor without delay in order to eliminate a more serious pathology. Even if this subject is not always easy to talk about, it should not be taboo! Talking about it is the first step to getting better.

Author: Audrey
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