Spring Recipes: A Week Of Balanced And Seasonal Menus.

Spring is one of the seasons richest in ephemeral fruits and vegetables, which should be enjoyed while they are still on the market stalls. For those looking for spring recipe ideas, here is a week of balanced and seasonal menus that will allow you to showcase products such as asparagus and strawberries.

Why establish a weekly menu program?

It may seem tedious to dedicate a little time every weekend to establish a menu plan for the upcoming week. However, writing down what you plan to cook for the next 7 days is not only useful for finding menu ideas. It is also one of the best ways to balance your diet.

This type of weekly program allows you to visualize imbalances such as an excess of starches or animal proteins or the absence of fruits and vegetables during a meal.

This weekly meal planning exercise also helps to diversify your diet and establish a shopping list in order to limit unnecessary purchases and food waste and to have all necessary ingredients on hand when it's time to cook...

What are the seasonal fruits and vegetables in spring?

In the menu program that I propose below, I have tried to balance the meals with a source of protein and a starchy food in each menu.

But above all, I have selected the best spring recipes from Gralon in order to highlight seasonal fruits and vegetables. You will find in this program recipes based on beans, peas, fresh herbs, asparagus, and radishes.

For desserts, I have given pride of place to recipes based on strawberries and other red fruits since good French strawberries can be found in markets and stores from May onwards.

What to cook in spring?

In spring, as the heat is not yet stifling, it is possible to turn on the oven to prepare a spring quiche, a strawberry cake or a lemon tart revisited with grated apples.

However, the arrival of sunny days also encourages us to eat lighter and fresher things such as composed salads and raw vegetables. That's why I have included two easy-to-prepare salad recipes on the menu, respectively with radishes and the first tomatoes of the season.

I also invite you to discover or rediscover some of our no-bake dessert recipes. Let yourself be tempted by the incredibly simple mango coconut ice cream that can be prepared in a jiffy with frozen mango cubes!

To treat your family without turning on the oven, try the amazing no-bake fruit tart recipe or dive into the preparation of a raspberry charlotte with a deliciously airy texture. All these spring recipes are included in the program below, just click on the link.

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In French: Recettes de printemps : une semaine de menus équilibrés et de saison
En español: Recetas de primavera: una semana de menús equilibrados y de temporada.
In italiano: Ricette di primavera: una settimana di menu equilibrati e di stagione.
Auf Deutsch: Frühlingsrezepte: Eine Woche ausgewogener und saisonaler Menüs.
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