5 Good Reasons To Practice Cani-hiking With Your Dog

According to a study by the University of Liverpool published in April 2019, dog owners walk three times more than others. If you want to enjoy even more health benefits for yourself and your dog, why not try the new trendy canine sport? We have listed 5 good reasons for you to practice cani-hiking.

1- Cani rando is really a sport.

Maybe you have already heard of cani-hiking and canicross, which involve being harnessed to a dog... If you find these two activities too demanding for you, you can turn to cani hiking.

This sport, which is a good compromise between a simple walk with a dog and canicross, is a very playful physical activity and that's a first good reason to try it!

Cani-hiking is no more difficult than classic hiking and the dog with which you are connected by an elastic leash can even help you move forward uphill.

2- It's good for the health of both the owner and the dog.

The second of the 5 good reasons to practice cani-hiking with your dog is the numerous benefits of this sport for each of the teammates.

Just like brisk walking, this form of hiking allows you to expend energy, maintain your muscles, and keep your weight in check.

The health benefits of walking listed above for humans are also applicable to the health of your dog! By regularly practicing this activity with your pet, you help them maintain their weight and avoid problems such as overweight, obesity, or heart disease.

3- It's good for morale.

In her best-selling book Dog Medicine published in 2017 by Belfond, author Julie Barton recounts how her dog Bunker helped her overcome depression.

The presence of animals, especially dogs, has a well-known antidepressant effect on doctors. A dog helps break the loneliness of isolated people and encourages its owner to stay active since it needs to go out every day.

If the daily walks you take with your dog already have a positive effect on your mood, this benefit can be multiplied by practicing cani rando.

This outdoor sport allows both the owner and the dog to oxygenate and let off steam. It is a good way for an active dog to expend its excess energy and for its owner to relieve the stress of a sedentary job. The presence of the dog can also strengthen your motivation to engage in regular physical activity.

4- It's useful for your dog's education.

Another one of the 5 good reasons to practice cani-hiking with your dog is the possibility of improving their education. Like all other canine sports such as agility or canicross, this form of brisk walking helps to strengthen your bond with your animal.

Not only does this type of activity make your dog happy, but it is also an excellent opportunity to develop obedience. Take advantage of your hikes to teach them the basics of good education, including commands such as:
• heel
• go!
• left
• right
• gently!

These outdoor outings will also help you get them used to not eating everything they find on their way and to channel their energy.

5- It is a widely accessible sport.

The last of the 5 good reasons to practice cani hiking with your dog is the accessible nature of this sport. Even if your pace is not very fast, you can move at your own pace, without seeking performance, for the simple pleasure of getting some fresh air and spending a good time with your dog.

This activity is accessible to most people and all dogs from the age of 10 months, provided that you adapt the distance covered and the speed of your steps to their abilities.

Remember that you should never push a dog beyond its physical limits, especially if you have an old or overweight dog. This activity should remain a pleasure for both the owner and the dog.

Choose the most comfortable harness possible for your animal and an elastic leash to avoid jerks. Also remember to bring water with you and bags to pick up your dog's waste.

Author: Audrey
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