5 Safety Tips For Two On A Motorcycle

You want to ride a motorcycle with a friend? There are a few safety rules to know before taking a passenger on your two-wheeler. We have listed for you 5 safety tips for riding two on a motorcycle.

1- Be well equipped

The first of the 5 safety tips for riding two-up on a motorcycle is to choose the right gear.

Two pieces of equipment are required for both passengers:
the motorcycle helmet must fit the skull to protect the head without compressing it
the gloves must be approved and must be tight around the wrists so that they do not slip off the hands in case of a fall.

In France, there is no obligation to protect the feet and legs. However, in order to limit the risks, it is strongly recommended to wear :
boots or closed shoes that cover the ankles
thick pants such as jeans or leather pants.

In any case, you should absolutely avoid wearing synthetic clothing next to your skin when riding a motorcycle because this type of material could melt in case of a slip.

2- Inflate your tires properly

Another safety tip for riding two-up on a motorcycle is to adjust the tire pressure. Indeed, it is necessary to adapt your bike's settings to the extra load.

As a general rule, it is recommended to inflate the tires between 2.7 and 2.9 bars.

Newer models only give a pressure indication for the rear wheel that corresponds to a double load. It is therefore not necessary to go beyond the indicated figure.

3- Make some adjustments

Other settings or adjustments are also recommended for a safe two-up motorcycle ride.

For good handling, you should adjust the shock harder or even to the maximum if you are carrying luggage.

To improve the comfort of your passenger, you can also purchase a seat cushion made of thick mesh or inflatable. This accessory helps improve seating comfort, which is often poor in the back of motorcycles.

4- Adapting your driving

Another of the 5 safety tips for riding two-up on a motorcycle concerns the rider. The rider must indeed adapt to the experience of his or her passenger.

If the passenger has never ridden a motorcycle before, speed as well as braking and acceleration should be moderate. One must be particularly careful during the first few turns because the passenger's reflex will be to straighten up.

For a long duo ride, you should also provide for breaks every hour to limit fatigue and the risk of accidents.

5- Stand well in the back

For the passenger too, there are some rules of caution to know when riding two on a motorcycle.

When you are in the back seat, remember the following basic safety tips:
Hold the handles tightly so you don't weigh down when braking or fall off when accelerating
don't try to follow the rider's movements or straighten your chest when the bike leans. At the beginning, it is better to remain 'inert' like a sandbag
avoid moving during low speed maneuvers because this is when the balance of the bike is the most precarious.

Author: Audrey
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In French: 5 conseils de sécurité pour rouler à deux en moto
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