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Les Potagers de Julie : Julie Andrieu goes from the kitchen to the garden

w magazine Les Potagers de Julie is structured in three stages. In a first sequence, Lola who is a professional vegetable grower teaches Julie the basics of growing vegetables from her vegetable garden in Versailles. This part of the program is an opportunity to learn more about eggplant, peas, t ...


Wall decoration: 4 creative ideas with photo prints

ivion! Instead, use a photo printing app to showcase your images. With cheerz photo printing, many creative projects are just a click away. The basics of wall decorating with photo prints is to use a corkboard. On this type of board, you can of course pin all sorts of pictures and papers, s ...


Knitting: how to make the double rice stitch?

What knowledge is needed? To knit in double rice stitch, you must master the basics of knitting. This means that you must first know how to set up stitches on a needle. You also need to know the difference between right sides and purl stitches. These are the first techniques you learn in k ...


Tips for Successful Salads

mp AND surimi, potato AND sweet potato, Capers AND pickles) Don't go overboard with the product whether in toppings or seasonings Avoid mixing in the basics (Rice AND Pasta, Salad AND Beans, Bulgur AND Salad) Place the heavy, hot items around the salad and the lighter ones on top If you prefer t ...


How to make a success of your night photos?

Choose your location carefully Since you will be working in the dark, recognize your location to plan your images before shooting. Note any possible challenges or obstacles. Is the location lit with artificial light, neon or street lights? Do the lights change colors depending on the distance trave ...


Games: Lego introduces children to robotics

able to make it talk, turn and even change color... This game is therefore a good initiation, which allows the youngest to integrate some simple code basics while having fun. The Lego kit Star Wars edition is a good alternative for kids and adults from 8 years old. It allows you to build the famo ...