Knitting: How To Make The Double Rice Stitch?

The double rice stitch, a traditional Irish pattern, is easier to make than it looks. Even if you are a beginner in knitting, you can use this stitch with a very aesthetic result. Here's a quick guide to get you started.

What knowledge is needed?

To knit in double rice stitch, you must master the basics of knitting.

This means that you must first know how to set up stitches on a needle.

You also need to know the difference between right sides and purl stitches.

These are the first techniques you learn in knitting since they are the ones that allow you to make basic stitches like moss stitch and stockinette stitch.

But what is particularly interesting is that these basic techniques, however simple, also allow you to make a more elaborate stitch like double rice stitch.

How many meshes do I need to make?

Double rice stitch is knit on an even number of stitches.

For example, to make a knitted headband in this stitch, you'll only need to knit 16 stitches with a slightly thick wool and number 5 needles.

For something a little larger, like a wool scarf for example, count about 40 stitches.

How many rows do you need to make?

To see the characteristic double rice stitch pattern appear, you need to knit 4 rows.

Memorize the 4 rows we will describe below and repeat them until you finish your work :

Row 1: a purl stitch a purl stitch to the end of the row (you finish with a purl stitch)

same as row 1.

one purl stitch one purl stitch to the end of the row (finish with one purl stitch)

like row 3

What are the difficulties?

As you can see above, the main difficulties with the double rice stitch are :
- memorizing the 4 rows to repeat
- reversing the direction every 2 rows
- turning the yarn between each stitch.

To note: since this stitch relies on alternating right sides and wrong sides, you must turn your yarn between each stitch.

For beginners, remember that:
- to knit a purl stitch, your yarn must be placed behind the needle
- to knit a purl stitch, your yarn must be placed in front of the needle.

That's why, when you knit in double rice stitch, you must 'turn your yarn' (i.e. make it pass sometimes in front of and sometimes behind the needle).

For which works?

The double rice stitch (sometimes called wheat stitch) is a classic.

Don't hesitate to add it to your knitting kit, as it can be used to knit layettes as well as Irish sweaters!

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