Wall Decoration: 4 Creative Ideas With Photo Prints

Digital photography hasn't made photo printing a thing of the past - quite the opposite! Paper prints allow you to enjoy your photos more, instead of letting them sleep on your phone. How about using your best shots to make a wall decoration in your home? We've listed 4 creative ideas using simple photo prints.

1- The cork board

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The basics of wall decorating with photo prints is to use a corkboard.

On this type of board, you can of course pin all sorts of pictures and papers, such as your shopping list and notes to remember...

But you can also transform this simple support into a real wall decoration, as long as you display your most beautiful photos and decorate it with colours.

To do this, get colored thumbtacks and fabric scraps. Start by partially covering the cork board with the fabric of your choice and hold it up with the thumbtacks.

Then add the photos on top playing with the overlaps between the fabric and your prints.

Once your arrangement is ready, all you have to do is hang it wherever you want. The great thing about cork is that it goes with any style and any room in the house.

So you can hang this cork board above your desk, on a wall in the living room or in your bedroom. In a hallway, you can even line up several small decorative cork boards. Be inventive!

2- The wall grille

If you're looking for a more modern material than cork to incorporate your photos into an industrial or contemporary setting, you can also use a metal grid as a stand for your most beautiful shots.

This type of picture frame is easily found in home decor and DIY stores. It comes in different sizes and in generally sober colors like black, Silver or white.

Once you've installed it, all you have to do is hang your photos on it with little clips or clips. This holder is so easy to use that you can change the images and their layout at any time.

Renew your wall decoration with each online photo print order: you'll be sure of a personalized atmosphere, matching your desires of the day or moment.

3- Mix'n'match wall with masking tape

To create a successful wall decoration, it's not necessarily the size of the print that counts. Even standard prints (i.e. the simple cheap photo print) or polaroid prints can look great if you put them on one of your walls.

If you don't want to hammer nails to hang a photo frame(s) in your home, try this alternative: use sticky pads to attach your images directly to the wall and then frame them with masking tape!

Start by choosing the wall you want to dress up and making a selection from your photo prints. Choose your favourite images, if possible varying the portrait and landscape formats.

Then place the photos on the wall using the self-adhesive stickers, creating the layout you like. But don't forget to leave a margin of at least 3 cm between each photo for the 'frame'.

Finally, use the masking tape rolls to create different coloured frames around your prints. For example, you can take inspiration from the video below:

4- The photo garland

The fourth of our creative ideas for displaying your best photo prints in a unique way is to create a photo garland.

With a lighted garland and your best travel or family photos, you can make a stunning wall decoration on a budget.

The material needed is limited to an LED light garland and small wooden clips.

Start by installing the garland light on the wall by making as many zigzags as you want. When your garland is ready, all you have to do is hang the photo prints on the wire using the mini clips. It couldn't be easier!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: cheerz
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