How Does The Google Photos Photo Printing Service Work?

Are you used to printing your photos rather than letting them sleep in the memory of your smartphone? Google Photos recently launched a photo printing service that allows you to order prints and much more. Let's find out how this service works.

What's new about this?

On July 20, 2022, Google Europe announced in a blog post the launch of a new photo printing service in Europe and Canada.

In practical terms, this means that you can now go through Google Photos to order photo prints but also to make canvas prints or create photo books.

All these features, which were already available in the United States for about a year, are now available in Canada and in 28 European countries, including France.

How does it work?

Using the new Google Photos photo printing service is very simple. Start by logging into the Google Photos web interface on your PC or opening the Google Photos app on your tablet or smartphone.

Then select the images you're interested in and simply click Order Photo. You can select standalone images or an entire album that you have previously created or that the app suggests.

During this step, you of course have the option to preview your images and edit them if needed. Once the image is to your liking, you simply select the format and quantity of prints you want. As with your regular online purchases, you'll need to select a shipping option before placing your order.

What photo products are available?

The Google Photos photo printing service currently offers three different types of products:
- photo prints
- canvas prints
- photo books

Each of these products comes in several sizes. For simple prints, you have the choice between 10 formats ranging from 10x10 cm to 60x90 cm through the classic 10x15, 40x60 or 50x75.

Ten different formats are also offered for canvas prints with sizes ranging from 20x20 to 75x100 cm.

Photo books are offered in two square formats: 18x18 cm with a soft cover or 23x23 cm with a hard cover.

To note: if you log into Google Photos from your PC, you can find all of these products in the Print Shop tab.

Are the prices interesting?

The Google Photos photo printing service offers average development prices. It costs €0.15 for a 10x15 print and up to €20.99 for a large format 60x90 cm print.

The rate is also interesting for photo books even if the choice is limited:
- 14,99 € for the book with soft cover 18x18 cm (20 pages + 0,59 € per additional page)
- 24,99 € for the book with hard cover 23x23 cm (20 pages + 0,79€ per additional page).

Canvas prints are logically more expensive, with prices ranging from €27.99 to €112.99 depending on the size chosen.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The main advantage of this new photo printing service from Google Photos is its ease of use. Since the American giant's photo app is already installed in your smartphone, you don't need to download an additional app to order prints.

From now on, you have no excuses not to print your most beautiful memories because, in Google Photos, you can easily find your images and you can have them developed in a few clicks.

Plus, thanks to partially automated sorting functions, it's even easier and faster to create a photo book from your latest vacation memories, for example. You can sort your snapshots by subject, defining moment or place visited to find and collect them even faster in a dedicated photo book.

Unlike its competitors, Google pushes simplicity very far, including in the choice of formats. For photo books, there are only two... The book creation software is simple and efficient.

Among the disadvantages, however, is that you don't have a choice of paper or print type, and the final quality of the book suffers.

The website Les Numériques, which made the comparison with the Cewe lab, gave its verdict: this recognized photo printing service offers 'image quality and sharpness far superior' to those of Google.

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