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Sleep: 5 tips to stop taking sleeping pills

Consult your doctor to establish a step-by-step withdrawal schedule. The principle is to decrease your doses little by little, by cutting your tablet into pieces. For example, you'll cut it in half the first week, then in quarters to take only a quarter the second week. Another method is t ...


Digital Sobriety: how to reduce the environmental impact of your devices?

r equipment too often The first and one of the most important tips for achieving digital sobriety is to not renew your equipment such as smartphones, tablets and other computers too often. Indeed, nearly 80% of the environmental impact of these devices is related to the manufacturing of the devic ...


My connected schoolbag: an initiative for hospitalized children

, from the first grade to the last. How does it work? In concrete terms, this connected schoolbag is a small suitcase equipped with a webcam and a tablet. This equipment allows hospitalized children to follow lessons at a distance and to be filmed if they wish. Thanks to two cameras instal ...


Video games, music, VOD: the legal guarantee of conformity is extended to digital content

d, as for other goods. In practice, you can request, within 2 years of purchase, the repair or replacement of the product if it is a smartphone, a tablet or a home automation device. The seller is required to make such repair or replacement without cost or substantial inconvenience to you and ...


Myopia epidemic: 5 prevention tips

cit distance vision and allow exposure to natural sunlight. And of course, screens should be avoided as much as possible whether it is television, tablet or smartphone for the very young. 4- Do not read too closely If you are studying and/or you love literature, you can hardly do without read ...


Oqee by Free: everything you need to know about the TV application offered to Freebox Revolution subscribers

ou to enjoy the 220 channels of your Freebox Revolution offer: - on your smartphone whether it is an iPhone or an Android smartphone - on a tablet whether it runs on iOs or Android - on a connected TV. The Oqee TV app is compatible with Apple TV but also with Samsung Smart TVs and ...