The Rescue Code: A Qr Code To Stick On Your Windshield

The rescue code is still unknown to some motorists in France. And yet, this little QR code to stick on your windshield can save your life by facilitating the work of the rescue services in case of an accident. We explain you what this sticker for firemen is and why you should stick it on your car.

What is the rescue code?

The rescue code comes as a set of two 3 x 3.5 cm stickers to stick on the windshield and rear window of your car.

It is more precisely a QR code (this famous black and white pictogram capable of containing a lot of information). In this case, the 'rescue code' is different for each car model because it gives access to the map of your vehicle.

What is the purpose of this QR code?

The rescue code was invented in the early 2010s to facilitate a possible extrication. With this QR code, firefighters can easily access the detailed map of your vehicle in case of an accident.

They can thus access, from the scene of the intervention, the decision support sheet or FAD of the accidented vehicle. This sheet is written by each manufacturer with all technical information, including the position of the battery, fuel tank, airbags and pyrotechnics.

All firefighters need to do is scan this sticker with a smartphone or tablet to know exactly how to extricate you from your vehicle. These little stickers therefore make it easier and faster for emergency services to work in the event of an accident.

It should also be noted that the reading of these QR codes is only possible for the rescue services, via a specific application. If a private individual scans your sticker with his smartphone, he is simply redirected to the rescue code website (link below).

What is the point of using this sticker?

These stickers are not mandatory. There is nothing in French law that requires you to buy them and place them on your car. Nevertheless, some manufacturers such as Renault and Dacia have taken the initiative to offer these stickers with the purchase of new vehicles and have done so since 2015!

The interest of sticking a rescue code on your car is twofold:
- on the one hand, the information contained in this QR code allows the rescue services to work faster
- on the other hand, in the case of an electric car, the detailed plan of the vehicle avoids the firemen to touch the batteries, which could put in danger the rescuers and the passengers.

In summary, these QR codes are not mandatory but are a valuable aid for firefighters who are now familiar with reading rescue codes. Previously, vehicle data sheets were stored in binders in paper format and firefighters made little use of them.

How to buy and activate rescue codes?

If the above arguments have convinced you to stick a rescue code on your car, you should know that these QR codes are sold by two for about 20€ on the official website below.

To facilitate the work of firefighters, you need to place them on the front and back of your vehicle.

Specifically, you must stick:
- the first on your windshield in the lower right corner
- the second one on the rear window in the lower left corner between the defrost lines.

Please note: these two stickers must be pasted inside the vehicle and not outside!

Once you have stuck them on your car, you still need to activate these codes.

To activate the codes, simply follow these steps:
- Scan the stickers with your smartphone and any QR code reader app.
- enter the make and model of your car and the year of the vehicle
- if necessary, give additional information such as the number of doors or the electric or thermal nature of your vehicle.

In conclusion, the rescue codes can save your life by allowing the firemen to help you as soon as possible. So, don't wait any longer to order your stickers: it's worth it.

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