Visa Pour L'image : The Photojournalism Festival Of Perpignan

The Visa pour l'image Festival brings together every year the great names of photojournalism in Perpignan. This event offers free exhibitions throughout the city, evening screenings and meetings with photographers.

Presentation of the festival

Visa pour l'image, held annually in Perpignan between late August and early September, is the largest international festival of photojournalism.

This unmissable event for photography lovers celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2008 and regularly attracts thousands of visitors.

This event, whose participating photographers and organizers are all journalists, is also a committed festival, concerned with translating the reality of a world peppered with conflict and violence.

History of the festival

The Perpignan photojournalism festival was created in 1989.

Paris Match magazine, which awarded the Grand Prix du Reportage every two years at the time, joined with other partners (such as Photo magazine and the Filipacchi group) to support this event.

Since 1997, the Visa pour l'image festival has been part of the Hachette Filipacchi Médias group.

Highlights of the festival

The Visa pour l'image festival offers:
- about thirty free exhibitions spread throughout the city to discover the images of photojournalists from around the world
- outdoor evening screenings, in the sumptuous medieval setting of the Campo Santo cloister
- conferences and meetings with the photographers.

The exhibitions cover a wide range of themes (environment, conflicts, populations, religions, social facts and the great scourges of our time) while the evening screenings retrace the most significant events of the past year.

Each year, 6 prizes awarded to photographers reward the best reports:
- City of Perpignan Young Reporter Award
- Canon Prize for the Woman Photojournalist
- CARE International Grand Prize for Humanitarian Reporting
- Visa d'or News
- Visa d'or Magazine
- Visa d'or Daily Press.

Practical information

This year, the Visa pour l'image Festival is held from August 27 to September 11, 2022 in various locations in Perpignan.

Open every day: from 10am to 8pm

Free admission

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