Les Potagers De Julie : Julie Andrieu Goes From The Kitchen To The Garden

With the new magazine Les Potagers de Julie, Julie Andrieu goes green on Saturday afternoons on France 3. After having presented Les Carnets de Julie for ten years, the host reinvents her way of cooking in a collection of programs more focused on the products of the vegetable garden.

Vegetable crops in the spotlight

From the kitchen to the vegetable garden there is only one step that Julie Andrieu did not hesitate to take for her new show Les Potagers de Julie.

The 48-year-old host has presented for ten years Les Carnets de Julie for the delight of lovers of cooking and terroir.

With this new concept, viewers will find her every Saturday afternoon on France 3 in a magazine of about an hour that honors vegetable crops.

Ten programs are planned and ten journeys that will allow Julie Andrieu to rediscover foods that she has long hated... The host is not afraid to admit it: 'Little, I did not like vegetables'.

Tips and recipes around vegetables

Julie's new magazine Les Potagers de Julie is structured in three stages.

In a first sequence, Lola who is a professional vegetable grower teaches Julie the basics of growing vegetables from her vegetable garden in Versailles. This part of the program is an opportunity to learn more about eggplant, peas, tomatoes or potatoes ...

In the second part, Julie Andrieu goes to meet amateur gardeners who are passionate about vegetable growing. She collects vegetables from her hosts of the day and develops two recipes.

Finally, a chef from the region joins Julie and her hosts to deliver his personal vision of the product featured in the show, from seed to plate!

An animated magazine with the complicity of Lola Périer

In Les Potagers de Julie, Julie Andrieu is accompanied by the market gardener Lola Périer who is none other than the daughter of photographer Jean-Marie Périer!

The two women have known each other for a long time since Julie Andrieu shared Jean-Marie Périer's life for four years when she was in her twenties.

Lola, whom the host knew as a child, was therefore the ideal partner to share with Julie the basics of growing a vegetable garden.

Ten vegetable gardens to discover

Ten programs are planned during which Julie will meet gardeners who are passionate about fruits and vegetables.

This first series of shows will allow viewers to discover 10 extraordinary vegetable gardens and 10 local vegetables in 10 different regions of France. Each issue will be an opportunity to exchange tips, tricks and recipes around vegetables.

The first issue, devoted to eggplant, will teach how to cook caponata, grilled eggplant and even eggplant-stuffed chard!

Whether you already have a vegetable garden or not, Julie's Kitchen Garden magazine will make you want to get your hands in the dirt before you get to work. If you love cooking freshly picked vegetables from the garden, you'll love this new magazine that airs on Saturdays at 4:15pm on France 3.

This program is to be discovered from September 24, 2022 in the Saturday afternoon slot that was already the one of the Carnets de Julie.

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In French: Les Potagers de Julie : Julie Andrieu passe de la cuisine au jardin
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In italiano: Les Potagers de Julie : Julie Andrieu passa dalla cucina all'orto
Auf Deutsch: Les Potagers de Julie: Julie Andrieu wechselt von der Küche in den Garten
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