Fitness: 3 Benefits Of Electric Bikes

Don't feel fit enough to ride your old bike anymore? What if you took advantage of electric assist to get back in the saddle? Even though these models allow you to pedal almost effortlessly, they can help you get back in shape. We've listed 3 health benefits of electric bikes for you.

1- It is ideal for a fitness program

The benefits of cycling for cardiovascular health, maintaining muscle mass and even for morale are well known. It is a complete sport that works the calves as well as the cardio.

Yet, after a health problem, we often hesitate to get back in the saddle because we think we are not fit enough for this sport. The first of the 3 benefits of the electric bike, is to help people in recovery to start or resume this activity as part of a return to fitness.

On an electrically assisted bike, the motor is there to support the effort of the person pedaling. The level of assistance is determined by the user, but it does not completely replace their effort. You still have to propel the bike with your legs.

While it's easier and less tiring to move forward on an EV, this type of model will help you maintain or regain muscle. Cycling works the calves, quads and glutes, which provide most of the effort, but it also sheathes the torso and arms.

During a convalescence or even during an illness, electric assistance will help you get started. You'll feel more confident about taking the bike instead of the car and will be able to reach the 30 minutes of daily physical activity recommended.

2- It works the cardio gently

Cycling is excellent for the heart. It is an endurance sport that helps make this muscle more toned and resilient.

If you want to work on your cardio so that your heart doesn't get as tired and you feel less out of breath on a daily basis, an electric-assist bike is a good solution, even for people who have never exercised.

The second of the 3 benefits of the electric bike is that it makes cycling much more accessible. Besides, you don't have to pedal very hard and exhaust yourself to get your heart working. This organ works as soon as you reach the breathlessness threshold and, at this level of effort, there is no cardiac risk.

If you have health problems, ask your doctor's advice before starting. But even your cardiologist should approve of this activity and give you the green light because pedaling is excellent for the cardiovascular system.

3- It relieves the joints

It is often overlooked, but cycling is a beneficial activity for the joints. When you're on a bike, your joints are in their proper axis and don't have any shock to absorb.

Therefore, people who suffer from osteoarthritis or joint pain can bike to build muscle and recover joint range of motion, especially in the hip joint.

Even after a hip replacement or in case of rheumatological problems, don't hesitate to get back in the saddle! The last of the 3 benefits of electric bikes is to help people with joint problems to get back in motion.

When we suffer from osteoarthritis, we are often afraid to move... And yet, a sedentary lifestyle worsens the stiffness linked to osteoarthritis, hence the interest in resuming an adapted physical activity.

If you opt for the VAE, just remember to have your bike adjusted to your morphology by a professional in order to have a good posture when you pedal in town or on a ride.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Uriel Mont on Pexels
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