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Osteoarthritis of the hands: what to do?

ward your chest. - do this forward and chest pivot several times, smoothly and without blocking your breath. Try to reach your maximum range of motion, but not to the point of pain. 3- The third exercise is to stretch your fingers: - clench your fists as hard as possible always keeping ...


Fitness: 3 benefits of electric bikes

don't have any shock to absorb. Therefore, people who suffer from osteoarthritis or joint pain can bike to build muscle and recover joint range of motion, especially in the hip joint. Even after a hip replacement or in case of rheumatological problems, don't hesitate to get back in the saddle! ...


Phobia of flying: 3 scientific principles to know to stop being afraid

1- Newton's laws of motion For all passengers who have a phobia of flying, takeoff is a particularly nerve-wracking moment. Indeed, when the pilot steps on the throttle, you feel the acceleration of the aircraft and you find yourself as if glued to the back of your seat. According to Newton's la ...


Covid-19 : how to do a self-test ?

ril for 2 to 3 cm. - Tilt the shaft upward into the nostril until you encounter slight resistance, but without forcing - perform a 5 rotation motion before removing the swab. Next, you should: - Wring out the swab in the reagent solution for 10 seconds. - pour 4 drops of the s ...


Singapore : 5 Places to Discover the City-State differently

echnologies for the environment and innovative businesses its Museum of Art and Science wants to be the meeting place of all cultures and all arts in motion. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: A Hiker's Paradise Travel blogs and various guidebooks on Singapore, often neglect it in favor of the Zoo or t ...


Legislative Elections Why Vote?

y with 577 deputies, shares with the Senate the legislative power, and can therefore grant or not its confidence to the government, as well as vote a motion of censure. What are the salaries and benefits of MPs? An MP receives a base monthly allowance of about 5600€ to which is added a residence ...


Endive salad with grapefruit and smoked salmon: an easy recipe

y on its base, remove the peel by sliding the knife blade between the peel and the pulp and following the natural curve of the fruit. Repeat the same motion around the grapefruit and orange. 3- Remove any remaining white skin if necessary, then cut the citrus fruit into segments and set aside. ...